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Topic: I dont like this place right now

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    I dont like this place right now

    Too much BS going on. Not enough development going on, jsut hey mine\'s better kind of stuff, and defending libraries, and blah blah.

    So many insinuations and stuff that its rubbing off on me and I\'m beginning to think there are ulterior motives behind things going on, both towards Donnie and from Donnie. Thats not what I want to be about.

    Instead of helping people find what they want/need, theres a bunch af crap going on.

    My Email is ashif@musicyouneed.com

    if you guys have ideas for tweaks, or wants on libraries. Go ahead and give me an Email.

    The guys on IRC might point me to good threads I\'m interested in.

    I will still post with stuff I\'m working on, and art files and such, but I will stay away from most threads for a bit. Especially string ones that I dont start.

    It should give you some time to catch up to my post count, and will help me focus on work and the dog.

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: I dont like this place right now

    King, you\'re sounding like a spoiled child.

    Now you have stated your email address, we can contact you and ask permission in the event anyone of us wants to start discussing strings. After all, the last thing we want is to hurt your feelings by expressing an opinion, or even worse, an opinion that may not be of your liking.

    By the way, have you ever listened to Leonard Cohen\'s Jazz Police?

    Cheers & Peace, Robert

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    Re: I dont like this place right now

    Hey King...come on back.

    Its not the end of all things.

    People can still benefit from your expression around here...like water on a greasy duck...

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    Re: I dont like this place right now

    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size=\"1\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">quote:</font><HR>King, you\'re sounding like a spoiled child.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

    With all due respect, it isn\'t King who has been sounding like a spoiled child around here. While healthy discussion is always good, IMO there has been WAY too much name-calling, insult-slinging, and general boorish behavior here as of late. In the past this board has been a very good, very professional resource for people wanting/needing information on GigaStudio and its libraries. But lately there has just been, as King said, way too much \"crap going on\".

    Let\'s get back to civilized discussions OK?

    [This message has been edited by Jamieh (edited 04-12-2002).]

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    Re: I dont like this place right now

    Wait a minute, remember it doesn\'t matter if we are teenagers or in the case of myself, developing grey hair rapidly. We all share one thing in common as musicians, ego\'s. BIG FRICKIN EGO\'s. Ofcourse heated debate and name calling for whatever reason, jealousy, envious, penile envy, etc. is bound to happen when you combine this much talent and this much ego in one forum. For those that want to ignore it, they should, for those that want to participate, go for it. It\'s all free speech and all good. Posting one\'s email address without being encrypted somewhat (name@REMOVEhome.com) so the auto spam\'s can\'t get it, is not so good.

    King, sure this forum is way out of hand, but remember, it\'s not on your resume as a reference is it? I don\'t think what happens on this board should make you worry about your reputation. Like you said earlier, ignore the bs for a while, participate what you want to participate in, but don\'t leave the forum!!! (GASP!!!) That would suck!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Re: I dont like this place right now

    King is about the only person who responds to newbies/FAQs on this forum. I think that in itself is a shame. King - don\'t go - you\'re needed here!

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    Re: I dont like this place right now

    I whole-heartedly agree. Not only does he respond to us newbie, he does so in a helpful way.

    And beyond that, he\'s one of the few that doesn\'t seem to be pitching a product when he does write something to one of us.

    I\'ve appreciated his inputs over the last 6 months, and I\'m sure I will in the future.

    I also agree with his comments on the nature of the conversations in this specific section of the DUC. I notice far less positioning when people are talking about sound cards vs libraries.

    With best regards,
    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size=\"1\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by sjduck:
    King is about the only person who responds to newbies/FAQs on this forum. I think that in itself is a shame. King - don\'t go - you\'re needed here!<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

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    Re: I dont like this place right now

    King stick around! What they say is true...we need your talent around here just to wade through this...

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    Re: I dont like this place right now

    King, I\'ve been following this board for a long time. I don\'t post much because I feel that I usually don\'t have much to offer but I\'ve come to respect you as the \'main man\' around here. You always have something positive to say and have inspired me many times to tweak the libraries that I have to get more out of them.

    Like others have said, you\'re usually the first to answer posts by \'hobbyists\' (like me!) and we really appriciate it. Keep in mind that there\'s a lot of people like me that don\'t post much but follow the board very closely and read all of the threads. If you leave I fear that the amount of useful technical info would go down. Why don\'t you just completely ignore any thread that goes south with name calling and personal attackts? If everybody did that those threads would disappear down the list really fast.

    By the way, I\'m not implying that King is the only person that gives useful information around here. There are a LOT of people on this board that are very knowledgeable and share their opinions and experience. Its what makes this place so great. Where else can we pick the brains of music industry professionals?

    Oh well, King if you do leave I might have to take you up on your email invitation in the future.


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    Re: I dont like this place right now


    I respect your decision to take a break from this for a while, and understand your frustration. Just give a thought to this though: All the help that you have offered in these forums is not wasted, and there\'s many people (as you can see in the posts above) that will sorely miss your insightful comments and generous helping hand.

    Enjoy your break, and drop by sometime!

    Best Regards

    [This message has been edited by MrArkadine (edited 04-14-2002).]

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