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Topic: Controlling Filters in realtime

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    Controlling Filters in realtime

    Can someone post instructions on how to control gigas filters in realtime ? It\'s a shame we still don\'t have a updated manual for gigastudio. So I\'m asking for you help. By the way, how does giga\'s filters sound ?

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    Re: Controlling Filters in realtime

    simply open the editor, and select all the regions and layers you want to be affected. Go to the filter tab and select the control source. E.g the mod whell or any other control source you have. Then decide if you want to invert the setting (wheel up filter closed, wheel down filter open or vica versa).
    You can determine the min filter cutoff setting in a field below the actual filter custoff field. Here you decide how much the controller may affect the filter. Press apply and save your stuff.
    How they sound? Use your ears and adjust to taste.

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