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Topic: a good choir for Giga

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    a good choir for Giga

    I\'ve been looking for a good choir for Gigastudio and the only good one that I\'ve found is Voices of the Apocolypse by Nick Phoenix which is about as cool as anything I\'ve ever heard. I was wondering if there are any others out there that compare with it. If not, I suppose I\'ll just have to knuckle down and pay the $500 for that set.

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    Re: a good choir for Giga

    In comparison to the Symphony of Voices, the actual choral samples are much better in the Voices of the Apocolypse, although there are some nice solo things in the Symphony of Voices. I dunno. I\'m mostly writing this because I have no replies and the person who just entered his new message has 16, so this makes me feel a little better.

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    Re: a good choir for Giga

    Well, there\'s Peter Siedlaczek\'s Classical Choir. Though most people wouldn\'t really suggest it these days unless you could find it for a tremendous price.

    There\'s also Symphony of Voices (ilio.com). More variation than VotA, but older and you\'d have to convert it, of course.

    So really there\'s just VotA and SoV if you want high-end (as far as I know). I guess it depends on which sound you\'re going for.

    VotA seems more \"Hollywood\", as people say, and has the lovely Angels choir (quick question, guys... is there a non-vib angels \"ah\"? if i recall, the description says \"oo\" and \"oh\" straight-tone, but didn\'t mention \"ah\". anyway... getting back on topic... ). Don\'t forget the word-building. Supposedly a high learning curve, but Nick has proved that it can be done (and so has King, with that older votawords.mp3 demo).

    SoV has a Gregorian and boys aside from its male and female choirs. Plus some phrases/chants and effects.

    So again... depends on the sound you\'re going for. Just remember to check for a possible sale at SoundsOnline (I think I saw VotA for around $360 last winter, which is a hefty chunk off the original price), or SoundChaser for nice prices.

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    Re: a good choir for Giga

    Carefully read the license regarding the VOTA...I remember a few threads regarding usage in trailers a while back

    Better press the search key...

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    Re: a good choir for Giga

    It really depends on what kind of setting you need it for but I think the best value by far is VOTA. From what I\'ve heard about the new programming it takes a very good library and makes it awesome.


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    Re: a good choir for Giga

    Yellow Tools is still working on their library.

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    Re: a good choir for Giga

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    Re: a good choir for Giga

    Depends on what you want

    More variety in SoV. more depth but less variety in VotA.

    Nick himself even said it \"fills in a space\" that other libraries dont fill.

    He\'s right, but I also find VotA works for a few things more than most threads suggest.

    Extended Classical choir is still VERY usable. IMO. Its jsut not as flexible as SOV/VotA. But it does have some consonants.

    Miro\'s is supposed to sound great, but still lack that HUGE Wagnerian sound. VotA is the only one with that.Waiting to see whats up with YellowTools. And I\'ll do some voice libraries at some point myself... but they wont be typical choirs

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: a good choir for Giga

    King said: Extended Classical choir is still VERY usable. IMO. Its jsut not as flexible as SOV/VotA. But it does have some consonants.

    I have to agree with King regarding Extended Classical Choir. With a little work you can produce excellent results.

    Don\'t overlook this library. In fact if price is an issue, I\'d go for this one.

    SoundsOnline has it for $249.95. Here\'s the link:

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