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Topic: Software to enhance realism

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    Software to enhance realism

    After listening to the demo of the Roland VP-9000 I wondered if there is any software on the market that allows you to mold the samples in the same elastic way as the VP-9000 does, without sounding artificial. It would be ideal to use it in combination with brass samples, and an investment in software is better for my wallet than an investment in hardware. If you want to check out the demos of the VP-9000 go to: http://www.harmony-central.com/Newp/WNAMM00/Roland/VP-9000.html

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    Re: Software to enhance realism

    Maybe not what your looking fror but I\'ll give it anyway: play&record the original (solo)instrument. Turn the .wav file into a midi file with http://digitalear.iwarp.com/
    Play midi through GS.

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    Re: Software to enhance realism

    Hi Elle,

    Thanks for the tip. It surely looks like a great tool if you have recorded a vocal and want to double it accurately with a synth line, but it is not exactly what I am looking for. With the VP-9000 you can record one straight tone and build a melodic line out of it without many artifacts. Sort of like a pitch transposition, but with better results than we are accustomed to. Imagine what it can do for a performance with sampled brass instruments. I heard the demos at the harmony central site and –although it is not perfect yet- I liked the results and I wondered if there is any software that can yield the same (or better) results as the Roland VP-9000. It would be nice to use it in conjunction with GS.

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    Re: Software to enhance realism

    Check this out:
    Reaktor by Native Instruments www.native-instruments.com
    Great piece of software (synth, sampler, FX, etc...)
    You can do those pitch shifts without changing the tempo, and vice versa.
    Quality is very good and , since Reaktor is modular, you can expect new sapler engines in future. Also there are some demos so you can check for yourself.

    Considering formants and harmonies you should check the Waves\'s ProFX. There is a DX plugin called Ultrapitch and it can do 6 voice harmonies with altered formants, pitch and timing (you can set the voices before and after original voice so it sounds like real singers).

    Take care,

    and let me know the results of your search. It interests me, too.

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    Re: Software to enhance realism

    Hello Victor,

    If I am not mistaken Reaktor is a sampler/synth, not a plug in. I\'m afraid that using another sampler in conjunction with GS will lead to a lot of trouble and diminish the funcionality of GS in terms of polyphony, reliability significantly. Do you have any experience using Reaktor? If so, could you give some comments on the user friendliness aspects of Reaktor. The thing that makes the VP-9000 so attractive is the fact that one can manipulate audio data in realtime with a midi-controller. You don\'t have to wade through endless menus activating options before you can get some results, and that is very appealing to me. I have a musical background, not a technical one, and in dealing with instruments and computer programmes I have come to appreciate the user friendliness to such an extent that I have put it on top of my priority list when checking out new software or a new synth. No matter how great a piece of software or synth may sound, if it is a pain to use it will stifle my creativity and consequently I will not use it.
    The plug in from Waves Mechanics seems very interesting, only it is a plug in for the Pro Tools environment, so I guess that rules me out.
    Anyway, thanks for the feedback.


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    Re: Software to enhance realism

    Hello Jan,

    1) Reaktor is a stand-alone program and VST2 plugin (instruments) and you are right when saying it will decrease GS polyphony. But it is a great tool for every one intersting in experimental music. If you are looking for some progy which will let you manipulate with sound in real time, then Reaktor is the one.

    If you are asking me, there is no need for hardware today. Powerfull PC with GS, Reaktor, Wavelab and Cubase. Thats all you\'ll ever need. And of course, lots of cool plugins (VST instruments also, btw check the ModelE or Pro5).

    2) I was reffering to Waves (www.waves.com) not the wave mechanics. Look under PRO-FX, Ultrapitch. It is DX plugin, hence it will not receive MIDI data, so you judge for yourself is it what u\'re looking for. Great sound, though.

    3) If you can live with offline programs then u should look at www.synoptic.net
    Virtual waves
    Cool stuff, sound morphing from one instrument to another (eg guitar2trumpet), gender morphing, harmonies, etc...
    But off line only.

    4) Also look Wavewarp at www.soundslogical.com
    similar to Virtual waves, offline also.
    Maybe too technical, I think.

    take care,

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    Re: Software to enhance realism

    Thanks for the info Victor; I am certainly going to check it out! It is only recently –after using GS- that I have begun to explore the possibilities of using the computer as a musical instrument. I am still a bit conservative though, since my system (Celeron 300A) needs to be rebooted every 2 hours or so when I am working with GS, and I shudder to think what will happen if I run another processor-intensive application alongside GS. But since I intend to take a giant leap forward in 6 months or so with a new computer system I am looking for interesting plug-ins and other applications to use alongside GS (by that time I will probably be using GigaStudio).

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