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Topic: XSample CD's

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    XSample CD\'s


    I was considering the purchase of the XSample set of CDs. I wanted to get some feedback before I fork out $900. Please give me your opinions on the strenghts and weaknesses of these libraries.

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    Re: XSample CD\'s

    I only have the harp - fantastic. From the demos I think it is a wonderful but strange library. Great sounds but all over the place (if, like me, you think $900 is a bit much to fork out all at once, then the library could do with a bit of re-organization).

    I have never heard any real criticism of any Xsample stuff - some people think this or that about the strings or whatever, but there is no doubt about the quality.

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    Re: XSample CD\'s

    I have the entire set. Some stuff is excellent, other stuff is not so good.

    The strings are really good, but there are no natural vibrato samples except for a solo cello. The harp is excellent. The celeste sounds fake. There is a klavichord which is very nice. The oboe has an interesting sound, and is quite usable. Their clarinets are excellent, as good as Dan Dean\'s. Cor Anglais & Bassoon are fine. The guitar is ok, but Yellow Tools has done a better job, and the guitar from Bardstown audio is excellent.
    The percussion is not bad, but Donnie has taken percussion to whole new level.
    The brass is ok, their horn in F is the best.
    I understand that they are working on a flute volume, which should be good.

    I hope this helps.

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    Re: XSample CD\'s

    You could also buy a few selected volumes (like 6, 9 and 12) and the strings set at a special price (5, 10 and 11 I think?)

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    Re: XSample CD\'s

    I got the whole set as well and apart from
    the instruments that Esperlad mentioned, of
    which I mostly agree, I also like the more
    exotic instruments supplied: The bass flute,
    the basset horn and such, you don\'t get those anywere else. I like the additional articulations for woodwinds with claps and breathing/blowing noises which you can add in for greater realism in especially small ensemble work. I kind of like the trombone as well... well I kind of like most
    of the library. You should however be aware that all instruments are solo instruments - so if you want big string ensembles, this is not place to look.


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