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Topic: Professional request

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    Professional request

    I would like to ask people on this forum to please not let your personal opinion of me, whatever it might be, influence you to say anything untrue about my work.

    It is very obvious to me and others who have emailed me personally that a couple of people on this forum are undoubtably letting their personal opinion of me make them say things about my work that just isn\'t true.

    I would have absolutely NO problem at all if someone came on here and said \"Donnie, I hate you and I think your a jerk\". I wouldn\'t respond negatively at all. As a matter of fact I\'d probably tell you that I respected you for having the stones to step up and say that. However what I can\'t condone is someone trying to cause problems for me by saying untrue things about my samples. I am very competent in what I do and until I voiced some of my personal opinions here everyone thought my work was great.

    Notice I\'m not mentioning any names or anything. I just respectfully asking you guys not to slam my work unjustly.



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    Re: Professional request

    Don\'t worry Mr. Donnie, Lully or Mahler where all obsessive boring b*st*rds but I still buy their records.
    BTW Percussion is my main instrument and I totally enjoyed the demos I heard from your collections. Very nice work, in fact I think LOP seems to be the best one these days. I\'ll buy it.
    Have you got a Noble & Cooley 5X14\" in stock (maybe for the next LOP update)? I miss this hi pitched \"nailbox\" sound ...

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    Re: Professional request

    Actually I\'ve been in contact with Noble and Cooley for over a year now on production of a concert snare. Most of their drums are \"set\" oriented but they keep telling me that they are going to come out with a symphonic model.

    I\'ll keep you posted.


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    Re: Professional request


    Since you titled the subject \"Professional request,\" I think that if you want to be perceived as professional, you need to distance yourself from the type of garbage that went on this week. Or at least wait a reasonable amount of time before responding.

    If you\'d waited, you could have composed a professional, calm response, as opposed to the wild ranting that went on.

    This is just a humble opinion from someone who said \"I haven\'t been to Northern Sounds in a while...I think I\'ll see what\'s happening,\" and walked into quite a firestorm.

    You definitely owe it to your professional reputation (and your partner\'s!) to take some deep breaths before responding to troll-bait again. Since you personally take an active role in promoting your products, I don\'t think you want people to remember you as that crazy guy from the forum, but more as that professional percussionist who really knows his stuff. :-)

    I have to admit, there was another developer here about a year ago who went on a rampage against one of his competitors. I never forgot his unprofessionalism...it really left a bad taste in my mouth, and I\'m not too eager to hand him any of my cash.

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    Re: Professional request

    Geez... professional request, Donnie let it go and move on please...

    This is getting way out of hand, this forum is beginning to read like a god damn circus.

    I thought you were supposed to take a few days off from the forum...

    You seem to make great sample libraries Donnie ( i dont have any of them so its hard to tell but your demoes sound nice )and the articulation files you made for Kip\'s Imperial Bosendorfer are great you\'re a talented guy but honestly this week, your posts.... do i really have to say anything ?
    Maybe you do need a little cooling off period, it would do you and the forum some good

    Let it go...

    Vintaudio Prod.

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    Re: Professional request

    If you keep on \"requesting\", it\'s gonna keep \"coming\".


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