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Topic: Newbie question

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    Newbie question

    I think this question is VERY OFTEN asked but so hard to get resolved.

    I am newbie with the gigasampler software and need a good quality samples for the
    general MIDI sounds.

    What you suggest?

    Where can I find a complete list for
    the general midi samples?

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    Re: Newbie question

    The only general midi libraries for giga i know are the conexant libraries, and they are not very interresting at all. I would rather suggest you purchase instruments one by one, one good piano, one good bass, etc. That way you get only useable instruments.

    I purchased scarbee j-fingered yesterday and I\'m so excited! Too bad the delivery time is 3-4 weeks from my local retailer.

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    Re: Newbie question

    Thanks for the info about the GS500
    library. I\'ve read the very same kind
    of comments about this library and
    it\'s quality...

    Lets see what I can find during this
    weekend digging the internet with my
    PC and few packs of beer =)

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