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Topic: NFX plugins

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    NFX plugins

    Hi all

    Is anybody aware of any NFX plugins other than the standard set that comes as part of Studio? I wonder if the next version of Studio come with a more useful EQ section?

    Many thanks,

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    Re: NFX plugins

    There are only 4 NFX plugins, all from Nemesys (Tascam). So the standard ones.

    It\'s a pity no 3rd party companies develop NFX plugins, but then again most pro users get split audio channels from Giga and mix and process on mixers or computers.

    Hey if you happen to be a plugins programmer, make a deal with Tascam and make your own! I\'d like a compressor within Giga. For fast mixes.

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    Re: NFX plugins

    Whatever happened to the NFX version of Revalver???? I was counting on this to be available last fall. QL 56 Strat would really benefit from this, if you don\'t have a POD or something similar.

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    Re: NFX plugins

    Hi Tarkus
    You must be an ELP fan :-)


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    Re: NFX plugins

    Maarten & Nick,
    I totally agree that we need more. There was indeed talk of Revalver being ported, but this doesn\'t appear to have happened. Oh well, back to Halion, I guess ... ;o(

    Guilty as charged. Saw Keith Emerson at the 100 Club, London on Tuesday playing Creole Dance, amongst others. Wowwwwwwww!

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    Re: NFX plugins

    Last time I saw Emerson on stage, he was playing with two axes.
    Is he better now? Followed therapy? Back to music?
    C\'est la vie...

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    Re: NFX plugins

    Keith\'s had his op on the hand and his playing appears to be recovering. Greg on the other hand is still smoking about 200 cigarettes a day and has problems with his throat! (I wonder why?)

    Oh I wish ELP would reform, or at least Rick Wakeman get together with Keith and finally DO the album they\'ve been talking about for so long ...

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    Re: NFX plugins

    Scott: envy, envy and envy :-)
    I wish I was living in London!
    Was it a one time performance, or does he
    play on regular basis?

    I\'m not sure I would like to see yet another
    ELP reunion - not unless they come up with
    better material. But maybe that\'s what you
    mean by using \'reformed\' instead \'reunion\'.

    Never the less, ELP has had a profound influenze on my musical development, and
    KE is a major reason for me to get into
    synth\'s in the first place.

    It remains to be my all-time favorite band, and I still listen to them, although I must
    have heard pieces like KE9 more than a 1000 times. :-)


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    Re: NFX plugins

    As far as I know, he hasn\'t performed in the UK for years. The gig the other night was a one-off record company promotion to launch the new \'Emerson plays Emerson\' album. He used a Yamaha grand, a Hammond C3 and a Gem Workstation. He was only on for about half an hour, bizarrely enough.

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    Re: NFX plugins

    Ahhh, Creole Dance. One of my faves. I\'m close to finishing a transcription of that - one of those songs I just HAD to figure out note-for-note. Now THAT piece would make a good \'shootout\' to compare different sampled grands. Especially the FFF samples!

    James Grote - http://www.BrainFeverMusic.com

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