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Topic: Wind Controller Users

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    Wind Controller Users

    Earlier this week I become a card carrying member of the WX5 owners club. Are there any giga specific resources out there to help me get started? I\'ve used the tips posted here to add breath attenuation to my .gigs, just wondering what other stuff I can do. Any advice would be welcome.

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    Re: Wind Controller Users

    In case you don\'t know about it, there is quite an active wind synth organization. Go to http://windsynth.org/home.html
    and follow the trail. You\'ll find all kinds of useful stuff, most useful to me has been joining the \'Wind List\' you\'ll find the link to. There is also a great \'setup guide\' for your WX5, provided by Bob \'Notes\' Norton,that I found to save me a lot of hassle and mistakes in originally setting up my WX5. The wind synth trail will lead you to his site, as well.


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