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Topic: Controller Keyboards...

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    Controller Keyboards...

    I think I might start window-shopping for a new controller keyboard soon; I would like to have a solid 88-key controller...any thoughts?
    I\'m currently using a Fatar Studio610 (61 keys)

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    Re: Controller Keyboards...

    Look out for a Kurzweil PC2x. You almost get the internal sounds for free.

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    Re: Controller Keyboards...

    Depends on your needs. The most controllers on any one box awardhas to go the Kurzweil 2500X, 2600X series, IMO. Two ribbons, breath controller, 8 sliders, 8 toggles, twofoot pedal toggles, two CC pedals. Heavy, heavy, and for me, the sounds are so-so, but great for 88 weighted full-on controller. Decent keyboard feel.

    If all you care about is minimal CC, but want the best keyboard feel, you\'ll have to go to your local(?) large music store (GC, etc.) and play them for yourself. Keyboard feel is as individual as mistresses.


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    Re: Controller Keyboards...

    I would like to have the capability to add breath/wind controller (is there a difference between the two? If so, what? It\'s all so confusing for me.) and at least some expression abilities...I was looking at the Kurzweil SP88X...has anyone used that?

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    Re: Controller Keyboards...

    I love my mistress and I love my Yamaha P80 keyboard. And its really not even that crowded when all three of us are in bed together.

    While tolerable as a controller, the P80 lacks ANY significant MIDI controls - except Midi in/out, channel select and a sustain pedal! But what a piano!

    My two cents worth, LifeForce

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    Re: Controller Keyboards...

    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size=\"1\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by lifeforce:

    While tolerable as a controller, the P80 lacks ANY significant MIDI controls - except Midi in/out, channel select and a sustain pedal! But what a piano!

    My two cents worth, LifeForce

    I agree. I bought a little Roland PC something or other off Ebay fairly cheap, and it has all the MIDI controller stuff I need along with the light \"organ\" touch when I need it.

    It and my P80 handles just about anything

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    Re: Controller Keyboards...

    I went to all the major music dealers in Toronto Canada last week and played just about every 88 note controllers I could find in the search for the Holy Grail Keyboard action.

    I had decided on the new Yamaha Motif 8 but the store had sold the unit already but I decided to try one more keyboard and much to my surprise it was the Kawai MP 9000 I took home. I love it. Feels like my Bechstein B action which I spent almost 4k regulating the touch.

    Anyone interested in a used Roland A-90 EX?

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    Re: Controller Keyboards...

    YAAAY! Someone else on this forum finally owns a kawai MP900 besides just me. This keyboard is absolutely wonderful for authentic piano action, and for not making your wrists tired after hours and hours of playing every day.

    There is no other electronic / synth keyboard out there with a feel like the Kawai. it\'s a unique design and very authentic for simulating the piano action.

    I spent about 6 months deciding, then the MP9000 appeared at the local store and it was unquestionably the best piano action I tried.

    HOWEVER, no aftertouch, no ribbon control, & small sliders. So it depends what you are looking for in a controller.

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    Re: Controller Keyboards...

    I gotta agree with the K2500. The feel is excellent, and you just can\'t go wrong with all those Kurzweil sounds thrown in.

    Another option might be the Alesis QS8, which is pretty decent. Also has a good soundset, and you might be able to pick one up on the cheap right now. Doesn\'t have all the assignable controllers of the K2500, but it has the 4 sliders as well as the usual wheels .. etc.

    Ian Wilson http://www.analoguesque.com

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    Re: Controller Keyboards...

    Robert; very wise decision on your part. I really like the little knobs as Midi Controllers- great for quick Panning. You can quickly see where you are. As far as Aftertouch I think I stopped using that a few years ago. Very few Developers support it and Polyhonic was the way to go in the 1st place anyway. Especially for guitar simulation.

    I\'m planning to add an M-Audio Surface One to my setup which looks like something that was developed at Area 51. That should do it.

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