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Topic: why not "virtual rack unit" for giga?

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    why not \"virtual rack unit\" for giga?

    If giga itself cannot use DX/VST plug-ins due to programming issues, why not create a program to work in conjunction w/ giga that allows users to route midi channels out of giga into a parallel channel on the new program which would house any of the DX/VST plug-ins wanted, and then back into giga to be mixed ect. Is this possible?

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    Re: why not \"virtual rack unit\" for giga?


    What\'s wrong with using giga in conjunction with a sequencer that supports Direct X and VST. Almost everyone here does it that way. It works.

    Just capture your giga midi as audio in your sequencer then apply your Direct X and/or VST plug-ins in the sequencer\'s tracks.

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    Re: why not \"virtual rack unit\" for giga?

    audio is concrete where as midi is still at a stage where notes, dynamics, ect can be changed. If I could run the midi channels through a \"virtual rack\" I could see what I am dealing w/ and change things (orchestration, dynamics, ect...) accordingly until I get the desired result. The only way to do that with the method you are talkiing about is mult audio captures (after every edit). This might be alright for editing a pop song but for any composition that has thousands of editing moments it is not so good.

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    Re: why not \"virtual rack unit\" for giga?

    With a good soundcard you could \"route\" your giga outputs right into your sequencer, realtime (low latency) and apply effects there. Realtime.

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    Re: why not \"virtual rack unit\" for giga?

    What soundcard? all 64 channels? Is there a sound card that makes available 64 virtual outs?

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    Re: why not \"virtual rack unit\" for giga?

    there could also be HUGE marketing potential if the program could be used stand alone. People could run their inst through it live and use it/w a laptop in performances. Like a endless rack unit.

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    Re: why not \"virtual rack unit\" for giga?

    I run my Giga PC through Lighpipe into my Mac with Logic and Digidesign Protools Hardware to 4 stereo aux inputs. There I can apply any realtime FX to them. I usually run drums through verb/comp/eq, orch through a different verb, melody inst through all kinds of stuff. It works great. I don\'t think you can get workable latency with Digi stuff - altough you can pick up a d24 card for really cheap these days and it will run this setup fine.

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    Re: why not \"virtual rack unit\" for giga?

    this sounds good, but there are tho computers involved and only 4 outs, not even close to 64. It would still be much easier if someone were to design a \"virtual rack\" for giga.

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    Re: why not \"virtual rack unit\" for giga?

    Does this mean that one could route the output of GIGA into VST and apply Direct X effects in REALTIME?!!!

    i.e. No need to use Halion after all?

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    Re: why not \"virtual rack unit\" for giga?

    Aqua, yes if you have soundcard that lets you route the output signal to the input signal internally you can apply VST or DirectX effects in real time. I use a Delta 1010 which lets you mix all of the output channels internally in the monitor mixer. Then you can choose the monitor mixer as an audio input in any audio recording program or sequencer. As long as the program you\'re using lets you apply effects to the incoming audio signal in real time then you\'ve got real time effects on your Giga sound.

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