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Topic: Can GigaSampler LE work with my soundcard?

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    Can GigaSampler LE work with my soundcard?

    I have a 400 mhz Hewlett Packard pavilion with 64 megs ram and 6.0 gig hard drive. Will Gigasampler work with my regular soundcard that came with my computer? It has 1 line-in, 1 line-out, and a mic-in. I know I need a midi interface, but can I use my soundcard for now or will Gigasampler LE not work with it?

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    Re: Can GigaSampler LE work with my soundcard?


    There can be spurious problems when running GS on generic cards. But to be honest, I would try it out with LE. If your getting pops & clicks or other \"yeek whats goin on\" stuff then upgrade your card (if thats the problem). You would have to upgrade anyway if it didn\'t work at all trying it this way means your just shelling out for LE first.

    Hope this helps

    KIA the untrustworthy

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