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Topic: Any Recommendations?

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    Any Recommendations?


    I was having my eye on the Virus, but it only fulfills some rhythm, and mainly warm pads which sound excellent by the way.

    But I would hate to spend this kind of money, and still not really have what I want.

    I posted another forum and the guy said according to your needs you should get a sampler. Well I already have Giga and these are my needs.

    I am looking to create music similar to the Etnic Percussion found in Enigma/Deep Forest/ Bjork etc. But I am also looking for the Analog Warm pads similar to virus, but I am restricted with buying Virus and Libraries. So which libraries would you recommend for my needs?

    Any have experience with the following:
    Percussive Adventures, Spectrasonics Metamorphosis, Distorted Reality2, Analog Meltdown Spectrasonics, Q UP ARTS - Dream experience?

    Please shed some light. It is dark in here!!!

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    Re: Any Recommendations?

    I could highly recommend metamorphosis library.Possibilities with this library are almoust endless with groove control files and tempo mapped gig.files.

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    Re: Any Recommendations?

    On bestserviceI saw Virtual Analog:

    ** QUOTE **
    a fantastic journey through the best sounding synthesizers available today. a massive collection of 4 cds, dedicated to the methodical multisampling of excellent-sounding patches. the waldorf™ q kicks off this box set, followed by the yamaha™ an1x, the clavia™ nord lead, and the novation™ nova. no sample player sounds are to be seen here, just hardcore synthesizing machines. each akai formatted cd-rom is full of carefully multisampled patches showcasing the strenghs of those modern giants, around the following categories: leads, bass, pads, sweeps, synth, attack, effects, and more. the nord has the additionnal reso, strange ambience and ravesound, for example, while the an1x features keys and brass sections on top of the aforementionned categories. it’s time to discover that, with the right library to begin with, your sampler can rival in lushness, width, aggressivity and dreamy quality, with the best synths out there: it really is the best of both worlds!

    ** END OF QUOTE **

    Perhaps you consider buying this one, but be aware it is only AKAI... I don\'t own it so I can\'t tell you what it is about. Don\'t buy anything only reading the sellers opinions on it! Ah, and - no standard sounds included as far as I see.

    I dunno if it is selled on soundchaser or soundsonline, too, didn\'t check this.


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    Re: Any Recommendations?

    Thanks for your input here.

    Tell me more about metamorphosis: Will it fulfill the Rhytm needs I have mentioned in the first post. I love the Ethnic percussion in Enigma/Deep Forest.

    Is there anyone else who can guide me in the right direction or have a library in mind for me?

    Its a little lighter in here now.

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    Re: Any Recommendations?

    Well it,s kind of hard to tell,but i am sure you will find many options with this library.You may wanna do a search by the name (metamorphosis)and read about it more.I still think it is one of the best rhythm groove librarys out there,and i am absolutely shure you will find many things(or should i say grooves)that are ecactly what are you aiming at.

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    Re: Any Recommendations?

    If you want some more info on metamorposis have a look at the following url...

    You may want to look at the distorted reality disks too.


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