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Topic: HELP ME!!

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    HELP ME!!

    Okay, I just got Gigastudio, and I thought it would be user friendly. Well, it\'s not, and I\'ve read the manual, but I\'m totally just wow-ed over it. I got the sound libraries, all here ready for use, but I haven\'t a clue. Shoot me?

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    Re: HELP ME!!

    uh, specifically what is the problem you are having?


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    Re: HELP ME!!

    Well, I just NOW started getting the hang of it. I loaded the entire DDSW collection, and when I load just one instrument, it takes up like 20 percent memory. Is it supposed to do that?? Am I that limited? Help!

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    Re: HELP ME!!

    When you go to load an instrument in the sample window click the \"+\" next to the instrument to load just whatever you need.

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    Re: HELP ME!!

    Yes it\'s basically supposed to do that.
    Dan Deans libraries are MAJOR memory eaters. That in addition to the close mic\'edness nature of the samples, have kept me away from his libraries. The woodwind demos sounded pretty bad, and the brass demos aren\'t all that good either, (but I\'ve heard some good stuff done with Dan Dean\'s brass by users of this forum. Most notably Jamieh)

    I\'ve always opted for smaller libraries because I feel that many sample developers are doing unnecessarily bloated libraries just because you CAN. Their priorities of articulations are wrong. Dan Dean sampled 8 or so velocity layers for brass, where you really don\'t need more than 3 or so (+ lowpass filters which would give you a more consistant dynamic range) and totally neglecting the most important thing; legato phrases to seamlessly tie the notes together in a realistic way. (This is missing on all commercial libraries. The developers haven\'t realized the need for this yet it seems.)

    But anyway this got a little off topic. Aaron, follow Donnie\'s advice. Press the \"+\" to the left of the instrument in the gigastudio quicksound database and load the wanted articulation by doubleclicking it.

    Personally I think Gigastudio is a piece of cake to learn. I can\'t believe so many people are having problems with it. I don\'t see the need for a manual either. The whole piece of software is so intuitive and simple in design. It can\'t get much simpler.

    I love it. Just give it some time. you\'re probably used to the quirky K2500. It\'ll wear off

    Good luck,

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    Re: HELP ME!!

    The DDean librarys are great. The demos suck but I like everything in them

    Remember that when you load the whole file you are wasting much memory with duplication of articulations and versions as well. You may have a pizz patch using teh MOD wheel to trigger...and another patch using the keysw...you should choose your patches to be general as possible when sketching. for instance I load a NV/Portato/V/Stacc patch that is triggered via a MOD wheel.

    In general I have about 5 patches per file for the wwinds that I use.

    And remember that the LT means light versions so you should choose those first and save memory when sketching

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