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Topic: Yamaha Clavinova velocity problem

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    Yamaha Clavinova velocity problem

    I know this is old, but I couldn\'t search the archive for it and I rememeber there were reports from people who experienced problems with their Yamaha piano keyboards with regards to sending of midi velocity data above value 100. Who can tell me more about this?

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    Re: Yamaha Clavinova velocity problem

    The only thing I know about this is that the Yamaha DX7 and its contemporaries would only send velocity over a range of 0-99 instead of 0-127.

    If you used another, full velocity range, instrument to control a DX, patches like the electric piano would just about explode when you hit anything but a quite soft note. It was hard not to spend a lot of time in the fff area of a DX\'s patches when in this situation.

    Sorry I can\'t help with the pianos.

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    Re: Yamaha Clavinova velocity problem

    I’ve seen similar reports but perhaps not on Northernsounds. Try www.cvpug.com, the Yamaha CVP user group. There are also some Yahoo groups for the PSR series,

    Maybe they’ll have ideas.


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