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Topic: Curious about StormDrum...

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    Curious about StormDrum...

    Hey Nick, I was curious if you had a projected release date for Stormdrum and a rough estimate of cost.
    Just wonderin\'.

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    Re: Curious about StormDrum...

    Whats a Stormdrum?

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    Re: Curious about StormDrum...

    If I remember correctly it\'s a library that Nick is working on that will feature a bucketload of high-energy-hollywood-sounding drum and percussion grooves.
    It\'s sounds very cool...me want.

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    Re: Curious about StormDrum...

    Hey NICK!!

    What\'s the release date of Stormdrum?

    (Please say this Friday !!!!)

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    Re: Curious about StormDrum...


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    Re: Curious about StormDrum...


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    Re: Curious about StormDrum...

    ...and there was much rejoicing!!!!

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    Re: Curious about StormDrum...

    Hey Nick

    I was wondering if you\'re going to include some individual drum hits so we can augment the loops or make our own?

    If so, I would love to see some thunderous toms with left and right hand samples! [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]


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    Re: Curious about StormDrum...

    Stormdrum is growing into a larger library. Still the same theme, big fast action beds, thunderous slower beats, action breakbeats and some unusual stuff. It will be released concurrently with GIGA Version 3. I am considering including a 1.2 gig custom,, rock drum, multisampled library as well. I sampled the drumkits on a whim, recently, and to my ears, they are great. They sound big, mostly. Left and right hand samples, 20 velocities, inside and outside of snare drum heads etc....

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    Re: Curious about StormDrum...

    Sounds great!!! Good drum kits would be a huge plus IMO.

    Thanks for the update! [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]

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