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Topic: 1st demo posted. Comments please?

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    1st demo posted. Comments please?

    Hey kids,

    Just finished up this theme for a movie website Flash intro. The director asked for a military flavour, and by golly, I think he got it.

    It was only about 9 tracks in Cakewalk and I had to mix down every single one to audio before the thing would play without slowing down/speeing up and clicking. As the arrival date of my new P4 2ghz approaches, I shiver with antici... pation.

    Anyway, twas all done with Miroslav samples, save the contrabass staccato section, which is from the almost-utterly-useless AO string ensemble CD.

    Quick once over with Izotope Ozone. Nothin\' spesh. Lemme know what you think.

    [This message has been edited by EviLjuaN (edited 04-16-2002).]

    [This message has been edited by EviLjuaN (edited 04-16-2002).]

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    Re: 1st demo posted. Comments please?

    Hey Evil man. This is good stuff - certainly caught the military flavor. Two points: The \"Attention\" at the beginning comes too soon for me; the first time I played it back, I was thinking \'what\'s this\'? I\'d prefer to hear the theme for a few more seconds, to \'set the scene\' before the shout (and I\'d expect the \'shout\' not to be so \'close\').

    Also, with around 18 seconds to go, the tempo seems to get a little ahead of itself during one statement of the string theme (or I might be imagining it).

    Hope you don\'t take that as a criticism. Very effective stuff.

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    Re: 1st demo posted. Comments please?

    Well done... I like it too... with one exception. Maybe those sounds are supposed to be marching sounds - footsteps - but to me, they sound a little too much like a handclaps on a hip funk record or something. They happen too slowly to give the impression that they are a platoon marching, so the only other image I can come up with is a handclap on a drum machine.

    Still, all in all, you\'ve got it!!

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    Re: 1st demo posted. Comments please?

    Thanks for your comments, Z6!

    You\'re absolutely right about the placement of the shout. I played around with different positions, including at the end, but for some reason I stuck it at the beginning.

    And no, you\'re not imagining the tempo weirdness!

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