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Topic: Emotional moment...

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    Emotional moment...

    This was my first time using gigastudio, and I\'ve always used just keyboards and their internal sounds, until now. I loaded DDSS, and I played this passage with the violin, and I have never really teared up playing a sample, until now. What a blessing this is. So awesome is the ability to create such beautiful sound on keyboard, it shouldn\'t even be legal. Absolutely an emotional experience. Thank you guys so much for your insight, it has been a contribution from all of you that I\'m very thankful for. *sniffle* SHADDAP! Real men cry! I\'d especially like to thank Gary, who has given full support all the way. Wow, I spent 4 hours just goofin with DDSS, and I haven\'t even loaded the rest of my libs! DANKE!!

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    Re: Emotional moment...

    Ah, the beginning of the honeymoon! What a sweet, warm feeling - until you begin to notice how that bow was a little pronounced, or that sustain a bit abrupt, or the vibrato perhaps a tad too deep, or shallow,or fast, or...

    Welcome to EarOpening 101, where you learn the nitpicky details of the creation of beauty. This stuff is SO GOOD that it takes awhile to hear what the \'old-times\' complain about.

    But maybe you\'ll never get that far. I still think GigaPiano is a great-sounding instrument!

    As a synthesist, all sound is grist for the mill. But they didn\'t spend thousands of years developing orchestral instruments for nothing...

    Write and record quick, while the flush of that intimate connection still drives your creative juices. Soon enough you\'ll find the same patch restrictive and old hat. (But that\'s why there more than one string Lib, and guitar lib, and piano lib,and , and , and...)


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    Re: Emotional moment...

    Hehe...well said A Sapp. I\'ve been at GS for just a few months now and I\'m still bowled over by how beautiful most of my gig instruments sound. As for the inevitable development of impatience with the imperfections and the lack of desired performance nuances - alas, soundsmith, I see it coming and it\'s undoubtedly true. But Bach\'s music and Cindy Crawfords physique are about the only two mortal miracles that I\'ve ever felt were beyond human improvement.

    The terrifying thing about GS for me anyways, as a classical composer, is that it focuses my attention almost entirely back onto the quality or the LACK of quality of my own MUSICAL ideas and strips away all those former handy excuses that this would be so much more beautiful if only it wasnt being played back by cheezy synth sounds.

    GS truly puts my attention back where it belongs - on music.

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    Re: Emotional moment...

    welps, I\'m not totally clueless. I know the strings are not perfect for all occasions, and I can hear that off the bat. But, this is all we got now, unless there\'s like a mega-gigastudio utilizing technology to take all physical considerations of the instrument and utilizing them in the generated sound. The day is coming.

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