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Topic: SAM Trumpet

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    SAM Trumpet

    Good God. Maarten, your trumpets are incredible. I played around with them, and... wow, very nice. You need to do the rest of the brass family like that, that\'s incredible. The effects are very cool too. Wow.

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    Re: SAM Trumpet

    Thank you A_Sapp!

    You didn\'t try it until now? I thought you were quite a sample user...

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    Re: SAM Trumpet

    Hehe, I was! A Kurzweil Sampler user. I just started using Gigastudio about a week ago. It\'s quite a thrill ride, as well as a very emotional one.

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    Re: SAM Trumpet

    Yeah, Maarten. Your trumpets and timpani were used liberally throughout my last two compositions, and I directed two well-known composers to them very recently. Thanks again. Saved my day more than once. When you guys finish that battery lib, I am an instant costumer. And I wish you would take on the whole brass section, but best of luck on whatever you do.

    Doyle W. Donehoo
    Radar Music

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