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Topic: Theramin sample

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    Theramin sample

    Anybody know of a good Theramin sample (in whatever format)? Working on a sci-fi score - need the cheesy old Star Trekky theramin sweeps and stuff. Any help would be appreciated.


    btw - I already know about the PC VST emulator thing but I don\'t have a VST-Host for PC - just Giga. Run Logic on a G4.

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    Re: Theramin sample

    Please forgive my ignorance but..
    eh, whats a theramin?


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    Re: Theramin sample

    You can emulate a Theremin better using analog monophonic synths like Minimoog, MS20 or VSTi like Mercury than using samples. The important things are the legato and vibrato, wich are easier with analog synths... You can try a cabinet simulator (a cheap one) and a short slapback delay to finish the job.

    SapKiller :
    The Theremin was invented in 1919 by a Russian Physician, Leon Theremin.
    It\'s basically a box with two high frequency oscillators controlled by two antennas, one for volume/intensity control and another for the notes. The player uses his hands around the antennas.
    A lot of film composers including Danny Elfman used it (Mars Attacks), it\'s the sci-fi retro sound that you can hear in every horror/scifi movie from the 40/50\'s...

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    Re: Theramin sample

    I have a friend with a Theramin who has made some samples of it. He might be willing to do a little custom stuff for you.

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    Re: Theramin sample

    hi Noenoeil
    Sounds like a weird thing, which in itself
    could appear in a sci-fi movie as the instrument of evil.

    - thank you for the enlightment.


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    Re: Theramin sample


    Try to use one of those d-beam light beam controlers conected to a VA synth..This have worked for me..
    And use triangle an soften saw waves, not the sine wave on the synth..


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    Re: Theramin sample

    By the way, my friend bought his Theramin on ebay for about $70. If you thought you would use it often it\'s not exactly expensive.

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