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Topic: Thanks to King

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    Thanks to King

    This is my first post. I have been reading posts for the last month and I must say that many have had wonderful ideals on how to make my giga sequences more human. I want to especially thank King for his tireless efforts to teach many.

    In fact, it has primarily his posts that first encourage me to consider using giga technology in my composing and arranging.

    King, a quick question - I have recently purchsed GOS. When do you see all of your terrific .art files and other improvements being officially released?

    I also recently obtained VoTA. Forming \'words\' easier would be a great benefit. Can you give us pointers on doing this (the demos proved that it CAN be done). It is just that by the time you get a \'word\' you have forgotten the whole purpose of the music you were writing.

    Thanks, again King (and the many others) for your selfless service. As I learn this technology, I will try to do my part to be of some help to others down the line.


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    Re: Thanks to King

    hey Rob,

    Thanks for the kind words. I\'m glad people are appreciating the edits. I\'m hoping that it stirs all people to get into the editors and learn and start doing hteir own edits and sharing.

    As for GOS. I talked with Tom a couple days ago. He\'s been working non stop on a bunch of update ideas. The amount of stuff going on in the new updates amounts to somewhere around the equivelant of 3 updates. Lots of ART files, a bunch of Sample edits. Lots of cool studd. I\'m guessing it will FINALLY get out to beta testers next week, and then get out to users about two weeks later.

    I\'ve also got some new ideas for GOS that will probably get done for the next update. I believe the reception on this update will be a determining factor to me on whether or not I will egg Gary and Tom on into doing \"hard\" updates. That require new samples. If it isn\'t well recieved, then I dont think they deserve the pressure from me to put out lots and lots of samples. ART files will always be omething I\'ll pull for tho

    Then again there is always the option of my \"tweakservice\" if that goes through.

    The ART file update ideas I have for GOS will give end user options for \"out of the box\" expression. Its something I should have realised could be done along time ago, but will be an awesome option for all the string libraries available. Especially multi velocity versions.

    About VotA. I think the best option is to start with the keyswitching version of the vowels. Use it to lay out the melody and vowel changes. Then go back and work with the consonants.

    You may want to consider talking to nf about his word building app.

    The updates I have planned for VotA are going to probably be \"volumized\" or \"ongoing\"

    The first is to build a version of the keyswitched vowels with the Vibrato samples. Easy enough and already done on my part, but I\'m working on trying to control the release truggers as well. This will allow for Port layering and inverted attenuation so you can have Vibrato Crossfades AND keyswitched vowels

    I also want to make \"phonetic\" instruments, and even try making one shot words. Its ambitious but could be fun and something users might have fun sharing ideas with

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: Thanks to King

    Thanks King for the GOS information. I can\'t wait to hear the improvements.

    There has been a lot of posts looking for the \"Hollywood\" lush/sweeping strings sound. Some were frustrated that GOS wasn\'t doing it for them.

    I have tried your suggesstion of layering four various strings (with warmth/volume/expression control). One thing that I tried that seemed to really capture that \'heart wrenching\' tearjerking sound was using the four layers (as you outlined in previous posts) and playing the violin melody as a triple octave. This method, with your layering idea seems to really breath life into the part.

    Sorry if everyone already uses this technique. It just really elevates the emotion of the music.

    I have done a search on possible \'layer\' ideas on GOS and VoTA but have only found a few of yours and Simon\'s (all excellent and VERY usable). Can you recommend a \'search\' that will lead me to more. A nice mellow warm string pad in GOS would be very useful on a project I am working on now.

    Thanks again for all the help.

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