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Topic: Quick Woodwinds Demo...

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    Re: Quick Woodwinds Demo...

    The upper voice instruments (clarinets?) sound great to me. To my ear, the lower voice instrument (bassoon?) kind of snaps out at the end each note in an unnatural way like a keyboard played synth sound. What library did you use? Is that all gig instruments ? While I\'m no expert at all I also wondered if you had done any panning with your instruments - it all came out pretty centered sounding from my speakers whereas a little panning might separate the instruments a bit more. Just some thoughts - hard work ain\'t it? - LifeForceExplorer

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    Re: Quick Woodwinds Demo...

    Howdy Lifeforce,
    You nailed both instruments dead on...just a clarinet & basson from the Mirsolav Solo Instuments Vol. 1....I agree with you on the basson part...was recorded live straight into the giga recorder...so...it does sorta jump out as unnatural.. ...with the stereo panning....nothing was done...just loaded up the samples...put some reverb on it and recorded...I know alot of people have variant reasons for dismissing the Mirsoslav Vituous set...but I like its character...

    Alright...back to studying for my Philosophy of Law exam...ciao!


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