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Topic: polyphony still not right

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    polyphony still not right

    This is old hat by now, but I feel I am still not getting 64 voices. I have a Pent 3 450, and soundblaster live. I have been doing project with GS for almost a year now. Recently I have been working with the Acoustic Essentials disk and Native voices of America.Also Bill Busch\'s Rhodes. I play maybe 6 note basic arpeggios with the guitar, and a solo flute patch and the flute cuts itself off. If I attempt to furthur enhance the arrangement with perc and/or Rhodes there is no chance. Can someone comment on my problem as I use very little sustain on this project. Is it possible that these instruments have that many voices per note. How would I check this? I can see no way that I could be even near the polyphony limit. Please help. Thanks.

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    Re: polyphony still not right

    One thing I\'ve done for years now in order to maximise polyphony is the following (on everything but the piano part):

    Once I record a part, I quantise the duration along with the start times. With Cakewalk\'s piano roll editor I make sure that no notes overlap. If you want then you can shorten each note so that there is a tiny space between it and the next note. The Cakewalk interpolate function works great for doing this in one shot. Now without the overlaps, the polyphony will be maximised.

    I started doing this on a 24 voice polyphonic Sound Canvas and have used it ever since. It makes quite a difference. It doesn\'t hurt the music at all. In fact, it makes everything sound clearer.

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    Re: polyphony still not right

    I know this is a bogus work around but try editing your flute patch so that your playing it lower on the keyboard, same notes just lower down in midi notes. I\'ve found this to help in some problem areas. It seems to cut off higher notes sooner that lower notes. Good Luck

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