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Topic: Post accordions v3 are great, thanks Michiel !

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    Post accordions v3 are great, thanks Michiel !

    Far away from any controversy about current developers debates, I just wish to give a short testimony :
    I received from Michiel Post the giga version of Post Accordions, as a free \"akai swap\", and really love it : I had said in another post that I was not \"very happy\" with my akai version (in Emagic EXS or Giga), but it is just fair to say now that it had surely to do with the limits of program conversion. I indeed enjoy playing ALL the gigaccordions which are programmed on this cd : a light touch of nfx plate reverb, a bit of modwheel, and these accordions come alive under my fingers (and yet I\'m so far from being a \"virtuoso\") !!
    So thank you Michiel, for your good job, and also for the spontaneous offer -and generous politics- towards giga users having initially purchased the akai version, because this allowed me to discover the real quality of these instruments.
    I\'ll watch your next productions closely.

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    Re: Post accordions v3 are great, thanks Michiel !

    Thank you! We\'re happy to find you are now satisfied with our product. Hope you\'ll make great music with it!


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