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Topic: Grandioso

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    Hi everyone,
    I have just received Michiel\'s Grandioso....and after several hours of playing, I must say it is everything I had hoped for...Beautiful tone and wonderfully expressive. A \"big\" rich, and resonant sound. A huge improvement on Steinway B, (my previous favorite),which in comparison, now sounds \"tinny\".
    Thanks Michiel...a job well done!
    (BTW I am using a Roland XV88 as a controller, played through Mackie HR824\'s)

    I have also ordered Kip\'s Bosendorfer Imperial which I expect any day. aahhh...life is good :-))))

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    Re: Grandioso

    I couldn\'t agree with you more on the Grandioso. It is warm and very expressive.

    Which sample in the library do you use for solo work? Orchestral?

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    Re: Grandioso

    I am mainly using the stock 4 layer \"Grandioso Classic\" for jazz trio playing, and the 8 layer sustain program for solo work. Both excellent :-))
    Which do you prefer?

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    Re: Grandioso

    Hi guys,
    Thanks for the compliments!
    The library is now added to the TASCAM on-line shop.


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    Re: Grandioso

    Hey Guys,

    I know I\'ve said this before on another thread, but don\'t forget to try the 16 velocity patches. These are the only ones that can access the real \'ppp\' layer.


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    Re: Grandioso


    The 16 layers sample is somewhat strange at the very top end (\'chunking sounding\'). Have you found this to be true?

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    Re: Grandioso

    Hi Rob,

    I\'m not sure what you mean by \'chunking\'. Good word though! I\'ll have to play the 8 and 16 layers and compare. Thanks.


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    Re: Grandioso

    I know what you mean by the \"chunking\" sound in the 16 layer. After comparing all 16 instruments over several hours, I have settled on instrunent 0 PMI Steinway D classic. Next is the 8 layer with release. Both of these are very playable...

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    Re: Grandioso


    Good to hear I\'m not imagining it. Having said that - the \"classic\" pno simply is the most musical sampled piano on the market.

    What do you \'hear\' as the difference with the classic and the 8 layer sustain?



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    Re: Grandioso

    Hi Rob,
    Very negligible difference to my ear. I agree that the 16 layer is the least playable, due to the top register problem.
    The 8 layer has more velocity groups than the \"Classic\" so is probably more expressive and suited for classical/new age. I mainly play jazz piano, so will stick with the classic. So realistic, and a pleasure to play..
    And you? What style do you play, and what are your preferences?

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