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Topic: vr sound "Piano-1", anyone playing it?

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    vr sound "Piano-1", anyone playing it?

    I\'m a lover of the Yamaha sound, though not too thrilled with Gigapiano. The vrsound piano 1 interests me, though at $300, & a lowsy online demo, I\'m hesitant to buy, without some help... Anyone playing this sample?

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    Re: vr sound "Piano-1", anyone playing it?

    new demo: http://www.vrsound.com/GS/dfriedmannpno.mp3

    this sample is still very exclusive. Several celeb users. Listen for it on new \"ER\" episodes starting this week.

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    Re: vr sound "Piano-1", anyone playing it?

    Interesting sound! Does anybody know more about it´s playability, release triggers, how big the sample is... Thank you

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    Re: vr sound "Piano-1", anyone playing it?

    piano = Yamaha C7 Conservatory.
    size = 1.7 GB
    4 + 4 vel layers, held + pedal.
    4 vel release samples for every note.
    Robotically sampled for precise vel switching, recorded from the players perspective using the Aachen Head into Neve pre amps to 96/24 IZ Radar. Downsampled to 48/16 for size.


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    Re: vr sound "Piano-1", anyone playing it?

    Franz, your website says 3 pedal down layers, your last post says 4. Which is it?

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    Re: vr sound "Piano-1", anyone playing it?

    Hi Franz! I would like to order your YAMAHA C7 but I don´t have any creditcard. Please tell me how. Thank you

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    Re: vr sound "Piano-1", anyone playing it?

    Hey Sam, did you ever get the C7 sample? What\'s it like? layering, playability, consistancy? Tell me everything!!!

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    Re: vr sound "Piano-1", anyone playing it?


    yes, i find this Piano very Nice !!!

    listen the demo !!!!

    Franz should make other\'s demo !!!

    (5 or 10 demos)

    does he wants really to sell his Piano ???


    the price is High !

    i would buy it for : 150 USD $


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    Re: vr sound "Piano-1", anyone playing it?

    I missed this thread the first time around.

    Franz, that is a nice demo...excellent sparkle in the upper register without being too \"stringy.\" That\'s a tough balance to achieve.

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    Re: vr sound "Piano-1", anyone playing it?

    I listened to the demos on Franz\'s website.
    It may not be too polite as a piano library producer to comment publicly on someone elses work, but as Franz never showed to be polite towards other library producers I think he can handle my observations.
    The sample sounds very close and present which is promising and nice for jazz or popmusic.
    I do think however the sample needs some work on several aspects before it becomes usable.
    Some observations:

    Haydn min pno

    I will just concentrate on the piano sound of this demo, the other instruments speak for themselves (there are not my cup of tea).
    - there is a big difference in timbre when going from one velocity layer to the next; when played at p the sound is nice mellow and warm but when played slightly louder (at p-mf) the sound suddenly changes a lot into a more aggressive tone. There seems to be too big a difference. You can hear that at 1:30’ (and many other moments) where the abrupt timbre change is disturbing.
    (BTW: I only hear 3 velocity layers, not 4)
    - Tuning overall of the piano is not very stable. The lower velocities are ok, but the louder the samples the more disturbing the tuning gets.
    - the ending of notes is very unrealistic; like an envelope generator is using a setting of 0 sec. It sounds like a synthesiser or a bad adjusted noise-gate. Listen to: 1:46
    - the highest octave (listen to 1:44’) sounds muffled at lower velocities. The middle octave are brighter and “speak” while to higher octaves seem muffled


    - 3:01 the release sound is missing in many of the staccato notes, or the eg is set to 0. Sounds like a heavy gate is cutting the sound off into absolute silence instead of a natural release sound. (Are there release samples used?)
    - 2:39’ and 2:44’ and specially 2:48’ same as in the Haydn demo the sound stops very abrupt, like someone unplugs the microphone; there is no release sample audible and no EG release curve to compensate for the abrupt stop.
    - Tuning overall is not very stable; the final chord for example is horrible.
    - 3:28’ and 3:43’: highest octaves sound too soft, not bright enough

    Overall note:
    Although the close aspect of this sample is very appealing at first I kind of miss the whole singing tone of the notes. Like the ground frequency of the bass notes has not been recorded and only the overtones are present. Recording close to the source disables the low bass strings to develop their full tone. A low frequency of a 2 meter piano string needs several meters to develop its ground frequency waves. When the mic is placed closer than this distance you hear that frequency partially; just the phase of the wave that is developed ¾ or less. When you hear the low chords in the jazz demo there is no life, the chord is kind of dead.

    Franz could do us a favor by making a demo based on the purgatory creek midi file. This piece reveals many aspects of sampled pianos.

    Michiel Post

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