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Topic: Waterphones and the like

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    Waterphones and the like

    Does anyone know of a good library including a waterphone? I mean showing off everything the waterphone can do, as opposed to the single waterphone effect usually included as part of \"odd instrument\" libraries. Alternatively does anyone want to develop one?

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    Re: Waterphones and the like

    Waterphone is another of those - \"many, many sounds from one instrument-not easy to be truly comprehensive\" instruments, IMHO.

    It would be easy enough to sample a buch of sounds from one (or a set of them) but I feel that the individual samples would quickly become recognizable, like the eagle cry that Hollywood Edge put on their freeware sample demo CD that is in almost every auto commercial for the past ten years!

    I\'d recommend buying a few waterphones (or build some, if your welding chops are up to it) and create a signature performance style on your own.

    Of course, this is strictly opinion, maybe someone else has a different idea...


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