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Topic: Yamaha AN1X!

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    Yamaha AN1X!

    This talk about synth samples on the forum, just made me want to post this. I just bought a Yamaha AN1X 5 days ago. I have to say this has got to be the best buy in the synth world I ever did. This machine is awesome!! I never really liked using samples for synths - I just think it sort of contradicts what synths are all about (evolving, ever-changing, \'organic\', \'unstable\' sounds). The AN1X is wonderful for synth strings - very warm and rich, and it is without any doubt a favourite for european dance music, I can clearly hear that. THIS is the synth they are all using for their fat leads!
    Only problem, if you expect to do all your stuff on this baby is that it is 10 voices only and only two parts (or rather, two \'scenes\' as it is referred to). But if you need a synth to complement your sampler or your other synths, you should definitely see if you can get your hands on one of these 2nd hand. I paid around $450 for mine in mint condition.

    Also thanks to LEX for getting me more curious about this synth, mentioning it on the Virus thread.

    I\'ve never had so much fun programming a synth as I have with this one. It gives immediately interesting results, but be prepared to use the cool software editor Yamaha did for it, instead of its limited amount of knobs and buttons.

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    Re: Yamaha AN1X!


    Cool.. .I love AN1X...I was just returning the favour...LOL!.. remember you helped me out when I was thinking on geting the Virus b...
    Now I\'m trying to get my hands on a KOrg Z1..
    Just thing about it AN1x morphs from FM to analog, Z1 doing it\'s pad magic, and those nice Grand Det GOS on top of that...LOL!


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    Re: Yamaha AN1X!

    Thanks for the tip-I\'ll look into this to see if it\'s of any use for my productions.

    I\'ve always been of the opinion that no one product or sound creation/recreation/production process is suitable to create the full spectrum of available sounds. FM, AM, additive, subtrative synths, samplers, granular synths all have their own unique character and voice to add to contemporary music, just as violin vs. trumpet vs sax do in trad orchestration.

    Long live diversity!


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