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Topic: Search option working?

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    Search option working?

    I\'m wondering if anyone is able to use the search function? For some weeks now, I\'ve been getting blank pages after I submit the search.

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    Re: Search option working?

    I mentioned the same thing the other day. It\'s been off and on. Once in awhile it does work, but mostly not. (for me.)

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    Re: Search option working?

    Indeed, the search worked for me like once in the last 3 weeks...I was wondering if something was wrong on my side or what. I hope it gets fixed asap, imho, it\'s one of the more valuable parts of this forum.

    Thanks for the heads up.

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    Re: Search option working?


    The search seems to work for all of the forums except the sample library discussion. (Which is the forum I read and want to search from most)

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    Re: Search option working?

    It seems to give me a blank page only when I search ALL sections at once. If you search just one category, it seems to work. Let me know if this is the case for anyone else.

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    Re: Search option working?

    Due to the recent crash we are upgrading our forums you may experience different things happening sporadically over the next few days.
    Thanks you all for bring this to our attention.

    PaPa Chalk

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