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Topic: question for Simon (mic pre)

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    question for Simon (mic pre)


    I think I recall that you use Cubase with Giga. Occasionally I record live vox / guitars, etc. Can you recommend a decent mic pre ($500 range).

    Should it have digital out (to Cubase)?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: question for Simon (mic pre)

    Actually I dont know the slightest about pre-amps. I do very little recording myself and when I do, I just use the ones in my Mackie mixer.

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    Re: question for Simon (mic pre)


    Look at either a Digimax LT or a DBX 386. For the money those would be two good options.


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    Re: question for Simon (mic pre)

    Art Tube MP\'s for a single in/out for either a quarter inch jack or a loZ. Inexpensive and has a nice warm sound.

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    Re: question for Simon (mic pre)

    I love my Grace Model 101.

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    Re: question for Simon (mic pre)

    My vocal processing unit has a mic preamp built into it. Am I missing something by not using another mic pre amp, and do they do more than just amplify the sound? Confused a bit, obviously.

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    Re: question for Simon (mic pre)

    Thanks everyone for your replies. Donnie, I have heard that the DBX 386 is nice - at a good price ($400). I record live vocals / guitars / solo violins to \'sweeten\' my midi sequences.

    Munsie, what I have found is that the better the mic pre, the warmer (with more headroom) to vox / instrument. Of course, it is always a matter of user preference.

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    Re: question for Simon (mic pre)

    16-CH digital mixer - Tascam TMD-1000 - $500: http://www.tascamcontractor.com/tmd1000users/

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    Re: question for Simon (mic pre)

    Has anyone used Focusrite\'s Voice Master? It\'s the only one I\'ve got, so I can\'t compare.

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