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Topic: clicks on plaback of Giga

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    clicks on plaback of Giga

    I experience some clicks and irregular playback once in a while from my Gigasampler. I\'m using a PIII 550, Asus P3B-F motherboard, 196 RAM AND 2 X 13.6 QUANTUM 7200 RPM IED DRIVE.
    The problems seem to be more noticeable when I first load an instrument into Giga.

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    Re: clicks on plaback of Giga

    I have heard that the Quantum Drives don\'t function well with Giga due to the smaller buffer size as opposed to the 2 Meg buffer sizes utilized in the Western Digital, Maxtor and other drives. I am not sure which Quantum drive you are using or even if Quantum has reconfigured their drives but I am relatively sure that this was the case at one time.


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    Re: clicks on plaback of Giga


    I\'m positive it\'s not the drive since I bought the latest Quantum drive wich i found better than the Maxtor.
    The problems I describe above happens wether I use Quantum, Maxtor or Western Digital...I\'ve tried them ALL.

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    Re: clicks on plaback of Giga

    Have you enabled DMA in the Device manager/Drive Settings?

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