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Topic: another FREE GS S.O.W posted from Bolder

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    another FREE GS S.O.W posted from Bolder

    Hello Giggers,
    As part of my \"Sound of the Week\" promotion I\'ve uploaded a new Granular soundset for GigaStudio.

    It features some metallic type FX samples called \"Ice Cream 1&2 and Sugongs\". There is also a .html readme file on the creation of these programs.

    Just go to the Bolder Sounds home page (listed below) and on the lower right side og that page is a link that says \"FREE STUFF:,... follow that link and you are there.

    The samples which I\'ve just posted are NOT included on the new \"Best Of Bolder\" Cd for GigaStudio. But while you are there... check out the MP3 demos of that disc!

    Also the previous S.O.W. is still posted - a set of washing machine and dryer samples for GS that seem to be quite popular.

    comments and questions are always welcome!

    Dennis @ Bolder

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    Re: another FREE GS S.O.W posted from Bolder


    These samples (and the previous free SOW:\"Washing Machine\" are GREAT!!!

    Modwheel fx are also very cool and bring the patches to life.

    Definitely coming to an Angel episode near you.....


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    Re: another FREE GS S.O.W posted from Bolder

    If you think those are great, check out the instruments in his \"The Best of Bolder\" library. Unbelievable stuff and quite a steal for the price. I\'ve barely skimmed the surface (during half of my lunch break) and am already floored by many of those sounds. I look forward to digging deep.

    Well done, Dennis! And many thanks!!!


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    Re: another FREE GS S.O.W posted from Bolder

    I\'ve downloaded the SOW, listened to the MP3s, put your BOB library on my shopping list.


    I think the BOB library fills the gap between my GS sounds & XV-5080. Just what I need.

    I\'m also happy to find that you mostly focus on Kurzweil. I used K-2500 before GS.

    Any plan on new stuff? [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: another FREE GS S.O.W posted from Bolder

    Glad you folks like the samples.

    As far as what is next? I\'m not really sure at this point in time.... perhaps a samll vacation would be nice [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    I\'ve got a bunch of 24 bit cello samples I\'ve never worked with (solo, 3 & 6 celli), as well as solo violin. But there seems to be no shortage of string samples out there for Giga.

    I also must fluctate my focus on different platforms of samplers also. From my experience it\'s pretty tough to make a living as a sound developer supporting only one platform such as Giga only.

    Any requests for particular samples to be developed?

    thanks! Dennis @ Bolder

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    Re: another FREE GS S.O.W posted from Bolder

    Dennis, those sounds are very cool promos.

    I just love the sugong pads. They\'re incredibly atmospheric - especially with your MW programming.
    Makes me want to sit down and play. IceCream is nice, but I\'ll get more mileage out of Sugong, so I\'m going to switch patch numbers [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

    Taa muchly

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