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Topic: Upright bass (plucked) recommendation

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    Upright bass (plucked) recommendation

    Hi all

    I\'m looking for a high quality upright bass library to use in a jazz context. Can anybody recommend one?

    Tarkus. [img]images/icons/cool.gif[/img]

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    Re: Upright bass (plucked) recommendation

    There is a nice basic uprite bass on a bigfish cd called Jazzistic, 20 megs. There is also the comprehensive uprite bass that Tascam distributes. Both are great and sound similar.

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    Re: Upright bass (plucked) recommendation

    The Dan Dean Bass collection has a very nice acoustic upright bass. I have used this sampled acoustic bass on just about all of my demos on the MP3 demo page of my web site.

    Bardstown Audio


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    Re: Upright bass (plucked) recommendation

    One that I use is the Sonic Implants one. It only has 2 velocities, but it has a really nice meaty sound to it. It\'s a soundfont file, really no biggie. For less than the cost of a Tommy Hilfiger T-Shirt, (crazy prices) it really does an excellent job.

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    Re: Upright bass (plucked) recommendation

    Oh my goodness I can\'t believe no one said Larry Seyer. If you wnat the epidomy of recorded basses and you want to fool everyone including musicionas in the room there is no other except the Larry Seyer acoustic upright.

    It has to be one of the best libraries ever recorded. It sounds GOOOOOOD. For jazz, man it\'s unbelieveable.

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    Re: Upright bass (plucked) recommendation

    also check http://www.vrsound.com/index2.html

    4 vel layers plus 6 different technique layers including: up down slides, vibrato, slap, hammeron,.. plus fx samples like long slides harmonics and more.

    extremely realistc.

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    Re: Upright bass (plucked) recommendation

    Hey Franz,

    Your demoes are scaring... I better shape up to compete with your guys [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

    All my respect.

    Please all of you check out the demoes at


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    Re: Upright bass (plucked) recommendation

    Franz\'s piano sounds awesome! That demo sounds pretty great.

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    Re: Upright bass (plucked) recommendation

    I have Franz\'s upright

    the tone is pretty good.

    The programming is fairly annoying IMO. I\'m doing some art files tho [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    Its set up in a way that just isn\'t comfortable to me.

    I didn\'t like it much when I got it, but when I got my Ztar I realized it was the layout that made me dislike it on the keyboard.
    And that the tone was actually quite good, especially in the vibrato samples.

    I hear that Larry Seyer\'s is fantastic.

    Also I remember that Hans Adamsan had mentioned here that he would be working on an upright.

    If SCARBEE did one I\'d think that we\'d be in Uprigth heaven. Is it me, or are SCARBEE\'s demos the only ones that ever make me say to myself....\"thats samples?\"

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    Re: Upright bass (plucked) recommendation

    once again I can\'t believe no one heard of Larry Seyer\'s Acoustic bass. It was like one of the first sample cd\'s out. I rmember getting it when I bought the orginal gigasampler 64. To this day that bass causes me to drool.

    I\'m a pianist but can walk a mean bass line [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img] I\'ll make a demo if someone wants to hear this bass in action.

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