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Topic: Decent Purrrfect Drums Demo!!!

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    Decent Purrrfect Drums Demo!!!

    Could someone out there with Purrrfect Drums PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE post a decent demo....Everyone keeps raving about this CD but everything i\'ve heard so far....sounds poor~


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    Re: Decent Purrrfect Drums Demo!!!

    I don\'t have any music with just Purfect drums because I am not crazy about the snares. The collection is quite dry in general, and so if you are looking for a room sound, you won\'t be happy. BUT, the cymbals and hats work in almost any track. They are fabulous. Nothing else compares. There are tons of nice kicks, although they all sound kind of similar. A little short or gated verb works well with these. There are 2 sets of nice, but very dry toms. If you are looking for ambient toms, there is no reverb on the planet that can turn these into what you are looking for. The snares are very dry and clinical and do not respond well to reverb. looking for a pop, radio, snare sound? Forget it, 99% of the time! So I believe that you need atleast one other library to use in conjunction with Purfect Drums. Hopefully vol. 2 will have some different, higher pitched snares, more toms, and more ambience. That in conjunction with vol. 1 would be a stunning achievement.

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    Re: Decent Purrrfect Drums Demo!!!

    Thanks nick!!!


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    Re: Decent Purrrfect Drums Demo!!!

    So Nick, what percussion do you use the most to get your \"Hollywood\" rythem bed sound, or would that be telling? [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] Also, did you have anything to do with the music for Atlantis.com on TV? Something familiar about that sound...

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    Re: Decent Purrrfect Drums Demo!!!

    I have to disagree with Nick here, i love the snares, very radio ready imho, so i guess it\'s a question of taste(this has already been discussed to death in other topics so for further reference on the subject please do a search on the library).Of course these are dry, but well recorded and whatever post processing was done on them( EQ, Compression) they do sound very nice to me in a typical pop setting.

    I love the toms, the best i\'ve heard so far.
    Love the Kicks, Cymbals are industry standards.
    This is not the library to make Drops of Jupiter kind\'ve live room sounding on their own, although i haven\'t tried tweaking the library with some room verbs, but reverb on cymbals ,snares and toms sounded excellent to me.


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    Re: Decent Purrrfect Drums Demo!!!

    I think sampling kits is tricky. My Hollywood drum beds are live drumloops with many players playing together. I will be releasing them in the fall..........Stormdrum.

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