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Topic: Questions for Film Composers

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    Questions for Film Composers

    Hi. I was just wondering how many composers in here work in the film industry. I was wondering what gear you people use. Also, if you had any tips for a wanna be film composer.

    I am currently working on three student films at Ohio University and trying to set up myself as a film composer.

    This may be an unusual thread, but I was wondering. Thanks.

    PS. If any composers for TV or Film need assistance, please keep me in mind, I can send demos.

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    Re: Questions for Film Composers

    Well, you could start by righting some GOOD music instead of that CRAP that you\'ve been writing!!

    Just kidding guys, we know each other. I couldn\'t resist.

    What\'s up Jon?

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    Re: Questions for Film Composers

    Well, I aspire to achieve my ultimate goal as a film composer myself. It\'s a SUPER super super tough industry to get into of what I heard, but I plan to go to Berklee college to get as much knowledge of the industry and learn to utilize the best of my abilities to the max. Oh, and pray.

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    Re: Questions for Film Composers

    Thanks for the vote of confidence Steve!!

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    Re: Questions for Film Composers


    It takes lots of luck and a healthy financial backbone \'cause there\'s not much money in the first few years.

    I think the best bet is to find a promising director, maybe straight out of film school, who will go places and take you along for the ride!

    BTW, where is Valpraiso, FL?

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