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Topic: Rock Drums recommendation

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    Rock Drums recommendation

    Hello, I am looking for a good rock drums sample cd any format. I own clearmountain, drum doctor and Sonic Implants studio drums and they are not the sound Im looking for. My favorite cd I own is heavy hitters Tommy Lee drums but looking for more velocity layers. Any recommendations would be great, Thanks, Peter.

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    Re: Rock Drums recommendation


    Well I\'m big fan of Drumkit from Hell. Check out the new presentation mp3!

    Also now I\'ve mapped my own version of this kit. Maybe I\'ll post the art file someday...

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    Re: Rock Drums recommendation

    Purrrfect Drums is supposed to be the greatest thing ever made:


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    Re: Rock Drums recommendation

    I was a big fan of Drumkit from Hell too...
    till i got my copy of Purrfect drums LoL!

    Drumkit from hell is pretty live sounding, but i uninstalled it as soon as i got familliar with Purrfect Drums, really really good, best i have in my rig.


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    Re: Rock Drums recommendation

    Drumkit from Hell. Having problem with the kicks but everything else is great.

    Yet seeing the previous posts, I guess it\'s time to re-check my Purrfect Drum?

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    Re: Rock Drums recommendation

    Me stupid. What I got is \"Pure Drums\", not \"Purrfect Drums\".... [img]images/icons/tongue.gif[/img]

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    Re: Rock Drums recommendation

    Thanks for the great suggestions. Im going to buy both. One question though, Im going to buy drumkit from hell in lm4 format, since I own lm4 but I mostly use gigastudio. What is the best way to import lm4 kits into giga without me having to remap everything. Thanks, Pete.

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