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Topic: Hymn-Orchestration

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    I have bought RK Principles of Orchestration already at about 1963 and was very astonished and glad when I saw that RK's work was to read at IT! And fantastic that I am able to hear his examples.

    Just now I am going to orchestrate the most popular swedish psalm/chorale/ hymn, "Bred dina vida vingar" (Cover (me with) Your wide wings), from the beginning a folk song. I am writing it for choir and orchestra. My plan is:
    No introduction.
    1.At first 16 bars in A-major, in a register like the start of Tj. 1812 - five "lines", 2 viole and 3 celli soli.
    2. Modulation to C- major: brass 2 bars, wood, 2 bars.
    3. 16 bars choir a capella.
    4. Choir and orchestra: 4 bars men's chorus and then 4 bars women's chorus.
    After that, now the orchestra will be something else than an accompanist. Therefore the orchestra now will "take over", 8 bars with a contrapunctual "line" crescendo and at the same time the choir will end diminuendo. Here we reach the climax and after that will follow a coda, 4 bars in a morendo-like manner and with a figured solo in clarinet; The melody is in the strings, in the two last bars divisi and pp.

    Borås Sweden 2007-12-31
    A Happy New Year

    Ingvar Leion
    Last edited by Ingvar Leion; 12-31-2007 at 03:01 PM. Reason: I will change "transposition" to "modulation".

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