To my fellow giga-enthusiasts:

\"Best-of-Bolder\": Here is a collection not to miss. For $160 this is unbeatable variety and value. And they are, to my ears, all muscially useful and inspiring - which is what we all need.

The instrument listing/demos may be found at the website

Here are my initial impressions after playing this disc over the weekend.

Yamaha C-7 piano : excellent. Bright, full, close-mic\'ed tone, very natural sounding velocity switching, good for blues, gospel and pop. Only 137 mB but holds its own next to my > 1 gB libraries! Nice rumbling bass.

Pads/electronic sounds: superb! These I believe are derived from the \"granular\" disc but have textures that vary from warm/ethereal to electronic/bizarre but all all eminently musical, that is what amazes me. \"Moogular\" is my favorite - I am definitely using this on my next project.

Interesting gems: slate rocks, water, prepared piano - very creative sound design.

Eclectic instruments: I love the hammered dulcimer, bagpipe ensembles and the mandolin. There are so many great patches with an ethnic/celtic feel - and they are all reasonably sized and well-programmed to exploit various controllers.

The other patches I loved included the upright bass and the steel drums. The steel drums have nice overtones and little tuning aberrations which are often intrinsic characteristics of the instrument and they add realism to my steel drum parts. (I should know, I am from Trinidad!)

I think overall if you are starting out in giga-world or if you have lots of standard material and want something off the beaten path and useful in a variety of world and ethnic projects - you can\'t go wrong!!


>David Lawrence
>Cicinnati, Ohio