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Topic: Sonic Implants Strings

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    Sonic Implants Strings

    This collection should be coming out soon. Has anyone heard anything about it? It sounds a bit like they\'re trying to be the GOS killer.

    I\'m really curious since I\'m on the verge of purchasing GOS!

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    Re: Sonic Implants Strings

    I think SI is going to sound fantastic. Just because I\'ve talked with Jen every so often, and have faith in the SI team. However I hardly consider it a GOS killer. They dont have enough focus on short bows, which I think is GOS\'s strongest point. I\'m hoping that both libraries will work well together.

    I dont think that ANY library is going ot be the end all strings library. String sections jsut can make TOO many sounds.

    I\'m still up in the air on whether I\'m going to get it right away or not. I\'ll most likely pick it up at some point, because...as I said it will probably be fantastic....but I want fantastic brass now....Dan?....yooohoooo!!??..... [img]images/icons/tongue.gif[/img]

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