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Topic: 64 Midi Tracks?

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    64 Midi Tracks?

    Alright, I know that Gigastudio 180 has a 64 track capability. How do I do this? All I got is a single out from my Kurzweil to the joystick port on my computer. That\'s all. What do I need to do so I can have 64 tracks. I\'ve found myself stop composing because I can\'t go past 16 tracks.

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    Re: 64 Midi Tracks?

    Your soundcard joystic input gives you acess to 1 midi port on Gigastudio (16 channels).
    You need another midi interface which has four ports in order to get at the other 3 ports worth of channels.

    You COULD get away with a single midi port if you were using a sequencer on the same PC as Giga. In that case, you plug your Kurzweil into the joystick connector, and let the sequencer route your midi to one of the four ports in Giga.

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    Re: 64 Midi Tracks?

    Aaron, you might want to take a look at the Midi Replicator software if you have network on your pc\'s. www.musiclab.com - click on the midi replicator driver. It costs $29. You can download a free demo (that only gives you 1 port) - the full version has 8 ports, meaning you can drive both gigastudio and some other software synths from the same computer. Or even two computers with gigastudio from your sequencer comp.

    If this isn\'t for you, then I suggest you get two midiman 4x4 USB or Parallel interfaces. www.midiman.com


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    Re: 64 Midi Tracks?

    Hey A Sapp - I\'m a relatively new GS96 user with a simple set-up too (just a PC and a synth/keyboard). Thats basically your \"giga studio\" too right?

    If thats correct I just want to point out that Chadwick gave you the key in the second part of his answer. The rest of the answers you got are for configuring more advanced set-ups than what you or I are using.

    As Chadwick indicates - just configure your sequencer inside of GigaStudio under Settings. Then select ALL four of your Nemesys Ports (I have two such ports with GS96) INSIDE OF DEVICES IN YOUR SEQUENCER AS YOUR MIDI OUTS. THEN BE SURE TO DESIGNATE THE CORRECT PORT FOR EACH INDIVIDUAL TRACK IN YOUR SEQUENCER AS YOU MAKE THEM.

    You can make zillions of tracks in one piece this way, theoretically, until the dark sages of Polyphony and RAM start biting you in the backside and you hit upon your computers limitations. This is if youre just trying to work with GS using gig instruments and your set-up is just a synth and a PC. No need to buy anything else - GS creates the Ports and you just need to select them all IN YOUR SEQUENCER as OUTS where you select MIDI ins and outs - assuming that your sequencer supports multiple MIDI devices, which most all of them do now.

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    Re: 64 Midi Tracks?

    Hey Thomas, have you had any luck with the midi replicator? I was considering it (because midi cables are archaic and the boxes too pricey) but when I installed the demo on two machines, and was able to \"see\" the port in both Giga and Cubase, I selected the port in giga but it was not responding to anything I did on that port from Cubase.

    Basically, I\'ll buy the software tonight if you are using it successfully, I just didn\'t wanna buy it until either a) I get the demo working myself, or b) I find out that someone else IS using it effectivley.

    The idea is great, and I\'m still amazed that its taken so long for someone to create it...

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    Re: 64 Midi Tracks?

    oh yeah... forgot to mention that, yes, both machines are on the same network, heheh.

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