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Topic: Need Some Advice on Latency....

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    Need Some Advice on Latency....

    I\'m using Giga as a slave....I have Pro Tools on a Mac, and I sequence in Pro Tools and the Giga PC is just another sound device in the room. The problem is, I am getting a lot of latency from Giga. On the order of 30 milliseconds. It\'s enough that when a piano player played my keyboard today he said...\"Wow...there\'s a delay...\"

    I am wondering if I would do better sequencing on the PC that I have GIGA on, and just recording the audio on the Mac.

    I\'m on a 1 Gig PC by Soundchaser with 512 RAM. Would I do better doing it this way, and do I have enough memory to run Logic or whatever else one might suggest out there in front of Giga? Thanks....

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    Re: Need Some Advice on Latency....

    Wow....30ms!!!! Is this normal for a Mac/PC set up? I thought Gigasampler had very low latency.

    I am thinking of setting up a similiar system, but not if the best I can get is 30ms!

    Can anyone else give some feedback?

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    Re: Need Some Advice on Latency....

    Hi Tom,

    I run Digital Performer on a Mac, with GigaStudio on a PC, and have quite acceptable timing. A lot of other people are using similar setups quite successfully, reporting timing performance equivalent to dedicated hardware samplers.

    I\'m almost certain you\'ve got a problem somewhere that could probably be fixed. I suggest you start by tracking down the cause or your \'latency\'.

    Possible sources that I can think of are MIDI delay, and then the latency within GigaStudio and the soundcard. There is a buffer/latency setting within GigaStudio itself, have you tried tweaking it? And maybe your soundcard itself has some knobs or parameters to tweak that affect timing.

    Maybe if you reported more details of your system, someone would have a bright idea that could help you.


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    Re: Need Some Advice on Latency....

    There\'s definitely a problem with your rig. I was running Protools on a Mac sending 4 stereo stems back from Giga into Aux inputs in Protools. No noticible latency. I could play a drum kit live with some TDM plugins on it and still no latency. Now,I\'m running Logic 5 with a Motu 828 (native) and can still send stuff to live inputs with no latency. My first suggestion to you would be to plug the audio out of your Giga direct to a Mixer, play, and still see if there\'s latency - if there is it\'s probably with your PC. If it\'s fine and the latency occurs when it\'s routed into your Protools, then it\'s probably your Mac audio configuration. I know this is probably very obvious. But your PC is 5 x as fast as mine, so you should have no problems doing what you need.


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    Re: Need Some Advice on Latency....

    Thanks guys. That\'s kind of good news, \'cause I\'d rather stay on the Mac for sequencing.

    There is no analog mixer in my studio. I have a Control 24 and Pro Tools. Giga goes in via SPDIF. I\'m using a Dakota card.

    Other than settings inside Giga, I don\'t know where else I might solve this, and I really don\'t know what I\'m doing enough with Giga to start changing settings, unless someone up here might walk me through it. Any ideas on the proper setttings for Giga re this problem are appreciated!

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    Re: Need Some Advice on Latency....

    Tom ,
    fear not. Giga is absolutley capable of timing as tight as a hardware sampler.
    When I first got giga I did a test comparing the same sounds coming out of my E4 and giga at the same time.

    I got no flamming at all! just a bit of flanging that could easily be caused by the slowness of midi.

    You just have to look through all the docs on the nemesys site. Also check out RME.com. even though I do not use one of there cards on my giga computer they have lots of usefull tips that can improve system performance.
    I too have a dakota card and it works great with my PT computer.
    Just take the time to learn all the little PC tricks that help giga performance. Its a bit much at first but you only have to suffer through it once!.

    best of luck

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