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Topic: Should I go PC or MAC?

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    Should I go PC or MAC?

    I would like to purchase a Computer that will be stable and that I will not have any hassles with stability. I currently have Sonar and Gigastudio aon the sampe PC ant it works, but most of the time I get quibbles and lock ups etc.

    I wish to buy a system that no matter how old it gets it would still be usable with the existing software and stable!

    What are your experiences with Macintosh? I have firends that use it for sequencing and Giga on seperate PC, and they just love the Mac!

    Or should I get a fast AMD that can hold a sequencer and Giga on one PC. Which is the way to go?

    I also wish to use plug ins like Halion/Kontakt.
    I am just tired of configuring and pampering my current system. I wish to spend my time on one Sequencer Software an learn to master it.

    What would you say MAC or PC for Stability/Performance and many plug ins and tracks

    Please shed some light it is dark in here

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    Re: Should I go PC or MAC?

    If you don\'t mind running Giga on a separate PC, I would definately reccomend the Mac for your sequencing environment.

    It\'s a great and stable system and if you want to run Digital Performer (which is excellent) it\'s your only choice.

    I also reccomend Cubase VST!

    Ask around, the more feedback you get the better (although on the Gigasampler boards I would expect an overwhelming PC user base)

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    Re: Should I go PC or MAC?

    Thanks Midphase

    Is there anyone else who could give some feedback on PC or MAC, and would Digital Performer be a good investment?

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    Re: Should I go PC or MAC?

    I agree with Midiphase D. Performer is THE way to go. A lot of people are lured in by the Bells & Whistles of Logic and Cubase but if you want the most MUSICAL Sequencer Performer is it. I am surprised by people who snub it because they can\'t read a manual and learn to set up Loop Points, SMPTE sync whatever, people are lazy. Performer has the BEst Time Based Management of Tempo as well.It is also more Logical than Logic. The Conductor track is where it all comes together. Read the interview with Robert Kraal in the GOS Forum. I think he knows what he\'s doing. If you\'re scoring Film or TV there is only 1 choice.

    Here\'s another tip. Run Performer on a used Mac Cube. That way your Studio is going to be very Quiet (NO FANS) and you can hear yourself think.

    I have my CUBE hooked up to 3 GigaStudios through 3 MTP AV\'s. Also get a used Cinema Screen for Notation. Don\'t expect to run Halion very well on a Mac. With 1 or 2 GigaStudios with 1 GIG Ram, you won\'t need it.You can probably run a Soft Synth like B3 or whatever along with Performer ok.

    Also check out unicornation.com for DP tips.

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    Re: Should I go PC or MAC?

    You cannot go wrong with either Logic Platinum 5 or DP3 on a Macintosh. With Logic 5 you get POWr dithering, which is considered to be the best dithering algorithm available, especially for acoustic instruments.

    If you do not currently own a Mac, I am inclined to think that prices may be coming down on the dual gig G4\'s when Macintosh introduces their next newest latest and greatest computer. The dual gig Mac G4 is an exceptional computer for audio applications with plenty of host based power for effects processing.

    Bardstown Audio


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    Re: Should I go PC or MAC?

    Hey Thanks Guys

    I am currently looking at Macs. Just wanted to know. I saw a cube 450 mhz with 1.5gb ram for $1200. First how much Mhz would i need for running plug ins and recording 20+ tracks. Can this be done with a 450 mhz? or Kip do you know of any new Macs coming out so the G4 will drop as you said. Do you know if this new Macs will be coming out soon?



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    Re: Should I go PC or MAC?

    I switched to Mac a few years back and have no regrets at all. DP3 is awesome. A new version 3.1 is expected soon which has some great new features like firewire video support, timeline undo, branching undo, multiple edge edits, and REX file import. A great time to get into DP3. Literacy is required however.

    As for a mac with DP3, I would recommend a dual processor mac as DP will use both for plugins(softsynths) and the track count. A used or refubished dual 800 would cost you less than 2k right now. A single g4 450 will give you 50plus tracks but you wont be getting much synth polyphony from that machine. I would atleast get a dual 500. Retire (or promote) your PC to gigarig status and you will soon learn what stability is all about [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]


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    Re: Should I go PC or MAC?

    Another advantage to using Digital Performer on a Mac, with your Giga stuff split out to satellite PC\'s, is the ability to run AltiVerb.

    This is the most natural, clean and realistic software reverb for orchestral emulation. I even know of a case where a producer selected the AltiVerb produced sound-track, over the same score produced using a Lexicon 960, for his movie. AltiVerb costs less than $500 - but you\'ve got the sound of a reverb costing many thousands ; ) Only drawback, it is processor intensive, you\'ll need a G4 500 minimum.


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    Re: Should I go PC or MAC?

    Yeah, I second Parker,

    Try to get a Dual G4 if you can afford it. Otherwise check out some of the availability of disinued G4 towers (such as 667mhz, 733mhz, etc).

    The Cube idea is pretty cool, but they are not very expandeable both in memory and hard drives.

    You might also consider the new 700mhz eMac for $1000 which has a built-in 17in monitor!

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    Re: Should I go PC or MAC?

    be careful with the Mac never crashes syndrome. My bro, who is a die hard Mac user even ha to admit that freezes do happen. Lock-ups do happen.

    I, too, am fed up with the PC freezes. But in the end I think nothing is perfect.

    But it still frustrates the hell out of me!!!!!!!
    Especially Cakewalk Pro Audio causing endless page faults...freeze!!!

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