I\'m enjoying the questions that are appearing for me in the meet the composer section of the GOS forum.
I\'ll do a little research on some of them and answer them as best I can. Anyway, I\'m finally rendering this project and have a few holes to fill in. Hopefully Tascam should be able to take orders as soon as possible. Anyway, the tutorial at this point looks like it will fit on 3 CDs including the Tutorial instruments. (Possibly 4 disks if I get carried away)
Even with a few missing lessons, I\'m counting about 4 and a half \"Hours\" of instruction total!
It\'ll be a good 5 when done and it mostly fits on a couple of disks as AVI files which will be triggered from within the help file. The infamous Larry Seyer (engineer for GigaPianos and the Upright Bass library and Asleep at the Wheel) will be in my studio to help me master the dialog in a week or so and we will be done at that point. This product will be like an intense, day long workshop that you can refer to as often as you wish.
That’s the latest. If you still have questions, check the \"meet the composer\" section of the GOS forum and see if they are covered and if not, try to post them there so I can answer all at once.
Take care
David Govett