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Topic: Arys Chien Attention

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    Arys Chien Attention

    Hi Mr. Chien from Taiwan.

    I was in Chung Li city tonight at an MTV movie place. There was a TV playing videos. Suddenly, I see a video with the name Arys Chien.

    I think \"Hey, is that the same guy who lives in Taipei and uses Gigastudio?\"

    So, are you a pop singer in Taiwan with a music video out?

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    Re: Arys Chien Attention

    Hi Marty,

    First, I\'m sorry!!! [img]images/icons/tongue.gif[/img] I\'ve been so busy since 2002 that I forgot to reply to your e-mail...forgive me......(tears)

    I\'m not an artist or singer. I guess you saw my name on the music video only because it was a song I wrote, as they always show the name of the composer in the very beginning of the music video, which is very different from what we see in foreign (non-Taiwanese) music videos.

    Can you tell me which music video you saw?

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    Re: Arys Chien Attention

    Hi Arys,

    Wow!! That\'s really great that one of your songs was on TV.

    My Chinese is terrible so I couldn\'t understand the lyrics to the song.

    But... the video was of a male singer, mostly video of him in a dark room (bed, windows)...he wore sunglasses.

    The arrangement had very realistic strings (was listening at the time thinking it was you using GOS). It was a ballad.

    I\'ve been living here 7 years but I still don\'t know (tears) many of the Chinese pop singers...so I can\'t tell you who he was.

    Anyway, congratulations. It must be really exciting (at the beginning, at least)) to hear your own music on TV or radio.


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    Re: Arys Chien Attention

    Thanks. I can\'t remember a song like that, so it must be a recent release. I\'ll check out the MTV channel and let you know who it is. Thanks again.

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    Re: Arys Chien Attention

    Just curious. Do you actually sell the artist a lead sheet of your song (i.e. chords, lyrics and melody line) then they can orchestrate it however they wish?

    Do you sell them the copyright as well?

    What is your process of writing the songs then getting artists your music?

    Do artists request songs from you?

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    Re: Arys Chien Attention

    Let\'s take it off this forum, since it\'s quite OT here. I\'m writing you an e-mail.

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