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Topic: Prosonus Orchestral / Instrument info

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    Prosonus Orchestral / Instrument info

    Took another giga-step today and loaded up the Prosonus Orchestral library for Giga. Amazingly, I downloaded it fine and the instruments sound just fine - and some of them REALLY fine.

    So, moving right along confidentally now to more profound giga-levels - I observe that there isnt any \"instrument info\" when I right click by an instrument in a channel. Okay, no problem. Here is my analysis. This was originally an Akai library, I believe? So it gets converted to gig format - great - and there\'s not detail at an individual instrument level that you might find with a library created specifically for Giga. How am I doing?

    Okay, I\'m cool with that. BUT, it would be handy to find out just what the sample maker intended by Cello Solo NV for example - and some of the other many abbreviations. Is there a way for the aspiring giga-musician (ie, myself) to find, perhaps, the Akai format manual with the details? Or does one typically get so used to all the abbreviations with such libraries and the key switch configurations (which I noticed on the virtual keyboard and started figuring out) that it isnt necessary after a year or two at this game?

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    Re: Prosonus Orchestral / Instrument info

    Ususally one gets an instructrion manual giving you the little details you\'re looking for. With prosonous, there may be a readme.txt or html file with the info you seek.

    I dont have the library so I can\'t tell ya.

    Also about abreviations. Usually you get used to simple ones like NV (non vibrato) since they are used pretty frequently nowadays.

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    Re: Prosonus Orchestral / Instrument info

    Thanks King! NV = No Vibrato! Why didnt I think of that? I just knew it wasnt Nevada!

    Unfortunately no text file to speak of with it either. I notice that key switching seems to involve 5 keys. A center D4 and a black and white to either side. Is this standard? I\'ve got the hang of it now I think. Seems like you hit the center D to initiate a switch and then the black key left or right for the switch you want. (Not bad for a guy with his first Giga library who has just read about key switching here and there? I just started experimenting with the individual gigs that say \"key swtch\".)

    Any other Prosonus users with pointers much appreciated.

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    Re: Prosonus Orchestral / Instrument info

    Originally posted by LifeForceExplorer:

    Here is my analysis. This was originally an Akai library, I believe? So it gets converted to gig format ...
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">LifeForce,
    As I understand it, Prosonus wasn\'t a simple conversion from Akai to Giga format but rather an effort that began with the original Prosonus instrument recordings i.e it is like any other Giga library development project save the recording of instruments. Donnie, of UOP/LOP fame, was was the gigagineer.

    Maybe Donnie could explain the project in more detail. I would be interested as I also own this library.

    Now if we could only get KingId to buy it and start a tweaking club;-)

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    Re: Prosonus Orchestral / Instrument info

    To do the giga version we went back to the original recordings. A lot of them were kind\'ve dirty compared to today\'s standards so the first thing I did was clean them up. Next, I remastered them and add some ambience with the 777.

    This is very important: The ambience on everything is controlled via the mod wheel. All the samples have release triggers on them and the mod controls the amount of tail (or percieved ambience) on the sample. This way, if you don\'t like the ambience and want to apply your own reverb you can set the mod wheel all the way up and it will essentially be a dry sample.

    Hope this helps


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