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Topic: Major update to site

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    Re: Major update to site

    Looks great. Whats a \"specific file\" for Sibelius going to be ? I ask as one who is now using GS96 with Sibelius - and I\'m still a relative newbie to GigaStudio. Thanks.

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    Re: Major update to site

    The Sibelius file (s) will be a sound set which Sibelius uses to assign sounds in it\'s mixer and \"house styles\" for percussion templates.

    The sound set is a custom set I did for myself which contains all of the samples from all of the DS Soundware libraries. It\'s quite a list! [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]


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    Re: Major update to site

    Hey donnie

    This is one REALLY terrific upgrade...very clean!

    Nice to see LOP is on this as well...

    Good stuff!!


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    Major update to site

    Sean has done some major revisions to our site so you guys might want to check it out...

    The site is geared almost totally to support now because we aren\'t selling anything on there now.


    We are going to have (hopefully today) program specific files for Sibelius, Finale, Logic, and Giga .gsp\'s.


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    Re: Major update to site

    Ok, Sean has put up the Sibelius and GS .gsp files. Feel free to download them. The Logic environment and Finale template should be up today.

    Hope you enjoy.


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