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Topic: Converting Files?

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    Converting Files?

    Hi Group,
    Does anyone know the best way to turn .cda files into .gig.? I have been converting them to .wav then to .gig. Am taking the long road? Also, when I have four samples on one track of a .wav for example a choir sample with pp, mp, mf, and ff on it do I need to split them first in an audio editor then [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img] convert each one or can I do it all in one swoop?
    Thank in advance for any advice.

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    Re: Converting Files?

    I think the simplest thing is to convert the cda\'s to wavs, although there are a couple of utilities on the web which simply change the way windows sees cd audio, so that it reports all cda\'s as wavs anyway. That might save a step...

    If, for some reason, you have multiple samples in a single long wav file, you\'re going to have to edit the wav file in your favourite audio editor, splitting it up into individual files so that you can import them into the editor and assign them to regions individually. When you save the edits, it might be handy to add the original pitch or note number to the file. This makes it possible for the editor wizard to assign the notes to the correct keys automatically.

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    Re: Converting Files?

    Hey Chadwick, Thanks for the advice. I appreciate it. Right now I am am editing in Sound Forge and I was just wondering if there was a quicker way. As far as the software to make windows see .wav\'s, is it freeware? What\'s it called?


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    Re: Converting Files?

    I haven\'t got the vxd installed, but I found this one which replaces the original windows CDFS.VXD, once installed it shows audio cdas as wavs:


    As I haven\'t tried it, can I suggest you rename your existing vxd file so that you can easily go back to it if the new one is bogus.

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