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Topic: Esoteric GS

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    Esoteric GS


    I just bought the Prosonus Orchestral Collection, my first sample library.I consider it is a clever first step to learn how to work with GigaStudio.

    I already noticed that my GS32 is kind of small to handle all those sounds.

    Could anybody light my mind about how GS handle control changes ?

    Are CC\'s like attack(73), brightness(74), release(72) and expression(11) work with GS ? Those CC\'s are very handy with Midi.

    And also there is a lack of documentation for GS (specially the Editor) which seems powerful but also esoteric.

    Thank you,


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    Re: Esoteric GS

    RE Prosonus, read Lifeforce\'s post, Donnie is very helpful with the descriptions.

    As far as the editor, look at Dave Govett\'s posts. He\'s resolving it RIGHT NOW! (Thanks, Dave!) There\'s a lot of grief has been poured into these pages about that, but that\'s about to change...

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    Re: Esoteric GS

    Giga doesn\'t respond to all \"standard\" MIDI controls. But most of them are in. Stuff like the 70\'s (brightness, attack, etc) are set in giga as standards (oh how I wish). You can however controll most of these in the editor. Brightness can be controlled by a low pass filter which can be mapped to various CC controls. Attack, Decay, or Release (or combinations of the three, but not seperately in this stage of giga), can be mapped to various controllers as well.

    I find the editor to be one of the easiest things to learn by jsut diving in. If you are familiar with ANY type of sampling terms you should be able to get in there and know waht you\'re doing. Heck I had no real experience with samplign, and I jsut dove in. Its pretty simple, IMO. Tho it is frustrating once you realize some of the editors limitations. which of course I find insteresting at the same time since it makes me think of ways to get aroudn the limitations.

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    Re: Esoteric GS

    Thank you King and Dasher for the information.

    Perhaps a \"How to do this to get that ... for Giga nuls\", once a week, with a tip explained step by step, could be very innovative in this forum.

    As example, the GPC and Eff depth are not explained in the help file of the GS Editor.

    Generally I am not a stupid man but specifically here I am. I have heard the word \"tweaking\" many times but I can only spell it correctly.

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    Re: Esoteric GS

    \"Tweak\" - to make small, subtle chjanges to something. In the case of GS, it might mean changing one CC for another, or tuning a note a few cents, or just changing an envelope attack slightly faster or slower.

    Good Luck - I used to have King\'s attitude of \"just dive in, it\'s really not that hard\" but for some reason, GS has too many parameters I\'m unaware of, and I don\'t have time to go through that kind of learning curve these days. Dave Govett, c\'mon, baby!


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