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Topic: A sequensing/programming question...

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    A sequensing/programming question...


    I\'ve seen the contents of an orchestral sampling cd -I think it was Miroslav\'s- with a lot of different articulations of, say, a violin. Sounded great!
    What I would like to know is this: How to program a melody-line in Cubase or Siibelius that uses different articulations e.g. different samples of that violin? Is the list editor the best way to deal with it by assigning different midi-channels to the notes and make them correspond to the channels/slots in Gigastudio?
    These cd\'s are damn expensive and I would really want to know if you can work with then in a fast & easy way before I take the plunge....


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    Re: A sequensing/programming question...

    I don\'t know how Miroslav\'s disks are programmed for Giga, but Giga has a facility called \'keyswitching\' which allows you to dedicate certain notes on the keyboard to different articulations, eg you might go from arco to marcato by hitting C#1, and then to pizzicato by hitting D. This way it\'s conceivable that you could play a melody line and do the switching very comfortably in realtime.

    If the library doesn\'t come with keyswitching setup, it\'s not a difficult thing to do yourself.

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