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Topic: Action Score Posted

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    Action Score Posted

    Here is a little clip of some action music I was working on. There is no reverb effects at all, so it will sound funky and dry. Used about 50 midi tracks before memory maxed out, had a lot of fun. It\'s very abstract, and still very early. It\'s one of my first peices made with Gigastudio. Enjoy: ( )

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    Re: Action Score Posted

    I cant wait to hear it with reverb applied! This piece would be great to use in that reverb test:



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    Re: Action Score Posted

    Thanks for listening, I encourage more comments/suggestions on this. I went to radioshack to buy the cable that would allow me to use the reverb effects through my kurzweil. So as I carried $65 bucks for the 2 cables I was about to buy, BAM, RADIOSHACK IS CLOSED. Ugh... shoot me.

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    Re: Action Score Posted

    That\'s really cool A_Sapp. Can you tell us what libraries you used to make this demo?


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    Re: Action Score Posted

    Aaron, why don\'t you just use the NFX reverb meanwhile? It\'s not that bad. We could use some of this piece for the Reverb test. Fx the part with the choir and the brass. Is that ok by you?


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    Re: Action Score Posted

    Thanks for listening. No I don\'t mind the reverb test, I\'d be interested to see what turns out. I wanted to use the NFX, but when I apply it to even just 1 or 2 tracks, it starts to slow the peice. Everything is maxing out, but today I\'m buying cables so I can route my Gina to my Kurzweil. In about 20 minutes in fact. Libraries that I used:

    QLB, VOTA, LOP, GOS, Malamsjo Piano, SAM trumpet effects (just about the only trumpets I use), and Sonic Implants Hi-Hat from the Blue Jay Kit.

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